He Said, She Said asked me to stop by and chat about building community.

Erotic Muses let me talk about Trevor.

Shelley Munro allowed me to dream about being a great philanthropist.

The dreams continued at Spy Scribbler‘s awesome blog. We’re talking about writing for a New York publisher.

The 3 R’s Blog: Reading, ‘Riting, and Randomness was the perfect venue (ha) to talk about the influence my grandparents had on my writing. And reading.

At Peeking Between the Pages, I fessed up about my reading wishlist.

Bookish Mom Reviews encouraged me to talk about how The Demo Tapes came about.

Trevor joined me with a piece of his own at Drey’s Library. What a way to celebrate a birthday!

Fireworks were the theme of the day when I stopped by Leah Braemel‘s own author blog.

Alice’s Restaurant features its own serialized story. I stopped by to talk about how online fiction brings us together. And is just plain cool.

I got a bit controversial during a stop at Savvy Verse and Wit. Is there such a thing as a blog that’s too small to drop in on?

(Serena also won the booby prize: A picture of me at my desk!)

Beth’s Book Review Blog allowed my hermit tendencies to come to light.

Killer Fiction saw me getting my panties in a bunch. Or not.

Julie at Booking Mama invited me by to talk about my book club. The comment trail left me glowing.

Drey at Drey’s Library named me the January 2010 Featured Author. This guest post is about what I love to read.

I went back to Drey’s Library to talk some more about Trevor.

Reading with Tequila hosted me, where I talked about bad boy Trevor versus sensitive Mitchell. Which do you prefer?

I returned to The 3 R’s Blog to talk about how valuable a good review is, even if you’re not a professional reviewer.

Julia at A Piece of My Mind asked me to come up with five songs that best represent ShapeShifter.

A new ambition is revealed at Diary of an Eccentric.

Kaye at Pudgy Penguin Perusals asked me to talk about my love of music, and where it came from. So, I did.

More music talk, this time over at Stacy Juba’s blog.

Thea Atkinson has a great blog. She invited me to come by and chat.

Harris Channing and I swapped blogs, thanks to Twitter.

Trevor went AWOL on Darcia Helle, so I had to step in and beg forgiveness.

I lost my mojo and turned to my old friends, The Working Stiffs, to help find it.

More talk about rock and roll, this time with author Tim Ellis.

Trevor took over and answered a list of ten words beginning with the letter E. It’s an invention by the wonderful Darcia Helle. Don’t miss this one!

Summertime tripped me and The Demo Tapes: Year 3 up. Read about it at Thea Atkinson’s blog.

I took on a new job: editing. I took a day at the #Amwriting blog to talk about how stimulating the work is.

Horror. Punk. Buddism. hosted me for a blog about how Trevor’s a rebel.

Misty at Top Shelf eBooks hosted me for some talk about the best month of the year, Rocktober.

Shannon Grissom was kind enough to let me write about the way in which books and music collide in my world.

I began a new stint at the Independent Writers Association with a post all about Trevor’s birth. Dialogue between me and the man included!

More about Trevor, over at Brenda McCreight’s blog this time.

A new event in 2011: Adopt an Indie Month saw me supporting the cause with a book for adoption (Demo Tapes 3) and a blog asking if Trevor is Too Niche for New York?

Jason McIntyre hosted me at The Farthest Reaches where I talk (ramble?) about my work space and other gems.

In my November post at the Independent Writers Association, I pondered how one small detail could change the writing flow of an entire book.

Fellow author Suzan Harden invited me back to Wild, Wicked, and Wacky so I could talk about being an outsider during the Christmas season. In typical Susan Helene Gottfried style, I bet it’s not what you’re expecting…

I got to wax poetic at Tilly Greene’s Hot Thoughts about my favorite book. After all, the Perfect Gift is a Book!

My December visit to the Independent Writers Association found me pondering real life and holiday joy — and how to find it.

Quickie Book Reviews began a series featuring Top Ten lists. I, of course, chimed in with my Top Ten Rock Fiction of all time.

Using my background to build character was the theme of the day at Thea Atkinson’s blog.

Yes, I can fit into a place called The Adolescent Muse quite nicely, thank you. Especially when the topic is something I know quite a bit about: blog serials.

Larissa Hinton hosted me at A Three Way Tie, where I introduced myself and talked about my love of books and music.

Heroes were the name of the game when I stopped in at JC Cassels’ Gotta Name My Blog.

It took the locals at Yinz Readin’ — well, Laurie Koozer — to get me to˜fess up to my favorite childhood book.

It’s not really switching gears. I’ve begun blogging for Animal Friends, about my adventures as a Foster Mom.

Foster kitty Zenji is the subject of my second blog for Animal Friends.

I swapped foster kitties; blogging at Animal Friends is turning into a lot of fun!

More at Animal Friends, and more about Geronimo, my second foster kitty to be a blog star.

Two in one week! Now I’m at eBook Builders, talking about the importance of an editor.

Louise Harnby asked me to write a post about what happened when a blog post about me went viral. So I did. And more.

I stopped in at the #amwriting blog to talk about some words and phrases that make me see red, and not just because I have my Track Changes set to red.

More from Animal Friends, as I said goodbye to Geronimo after a five-month-long fostering assignment.

I love writing for Animal Friends, although this post couldn’t possibly be my usual happy one.

Claire and Constance, former foster kitties, needed help finding their forever homes. The Animal Friends blog was the right place to speak out about them.

Carmen Amato has been running a series on the future of bookstores. She asked me for my input.

The gang at Bestseller Bound asked me to write up a piece about why editors are so necessary. It was hard to keep it short!

My writer hat went securely back on when I visited BookHounds in support of my new short story, Broken.