Front Street Reviews republished an interview I did with Breeni, of Breeni Books.

I stopped by the Self-Published Review, and was interviewed by the lovely Kristen Tsetsi.

Anna at Diary of an Eccentric wanted to talk about everything under the sun. So I obliged.

She is Too Fond of Books wanted to focus on The Demo Tapes: Year 1, but I’ve got to admit, it was hard. She mentioned taking Trevor into a hot tub and all.

Word Webbing wanted to talk about self-publishing (it’s a popular subject!).

Serena at the DC Literature Examiner (Part 1) had so much to say, we split it into a two-parter.

Here’s Part 2! (Part 2)

Holly Christine interviewed me about Operation e-Book Drop for the Pittsburgh Examiner.

I dropped by Booklust to contribute to the weekly Rosie’s Riveters series.

Not an interview, but a reposting of a press release about Operation e-Book Drive at author Lauren Dane’s blog.

Drey at Drey’s Library decided to devote the entire month of January 2010 to me. Here’s the link to the interview we did.

Kristi at The Editorial Department wanted to speak with me about my experience building platform as a self-published author.

Darcia Helle wanted to talk all about Trevor’s Song. I, of course, was more than glad to.

Suzan Harden asked me three quick questions. I answered them — AND gave away e-book copies of Trevor’s Song, too.

Mary at BookHounds included me in her Rocktober celebration. This is my favorite interview to date — and I’ve done some darn good ones!

Fellow author Christine D’Abo invited me to stop by. She had some great questions for me.

A feature at The Indie Spotlight included an interview.

Jennifer Wylie hosted me for a day. She asked me some questions I hadn’t faced yet.

Shelleyrae at book’d out hosted me for an interview and give.

A short interview ran at Indie Books Blog.

Darcia Helle asked me and fellow author RJ McDonnell one question. We each got a different one.

Trevor and I were both interviewed by the awesomely fun Joel B. Kirkpatrick.

Claire E Smith hosts Celebrity Saturday at Life, Muse, and Coffee. Are Trevor and I the perfect fit for that, or what? Too bad I left him at home…

One question made up Meet the Book Monday at Readers Retreat.

Jemima Valentino had some Very Important Questions for me.

Cynthia Meyers-Hanson hosted me for a quick interview that included an excerpt from Demo Tapes 3.

LM Stull invited me by to talk about book marketing.

I stopped in at the great Working Writers and Bloggers for an interview. This is definitely a site to be part of!

Author Jess C Scott was kind enough to have me drop in for a quickie. Interview. Quickie Interview.

Dorothy Dreyer at We Do Write wasn’t so brief with her questions.

One of my co-contributors to the Pink Snowbunnies in Hell Anthology, Coral Moore, invited me by her Chaos and Insanity blog for an interview.

Kati Lear helped me steer around a Jagged Edge.

Who says moms don’t read? I stopped in at Mommy’s Reading Too for an interview.

I discuss my writing process over at Working Writers and Bloggers.

An interview goes best with a give. That’s what I did with Larissa Hinton at A Three Way Tie.

Working Writers is fast becoming one of my favorite sites. Cherie was kind enough to quote me.

Shayna Gier had some of the best questions I’ve come across in a long time. AND she liked Cool Dude!

Sharlana Williams approached me on behalf of The Hellfire Herald for some more nuts-and-bolts-type talk.

RaeBeth at The Writing World hosted me for some Q&A fun, as well.

Not merely an interview, but an excerpt, too, of Trevor’s Song over at Laurie’s Non-paranormal Thoughts and Reviews.

To celebrate the release of King Trevor, Darcia Helle interviewed me and the man, himself.

Vanessa Eccles had some great questions for me.

How do I do it? I spilled my secrets about how to work during the summer while my kids are underfoot. You can read it at

What does a Rock Fiction author have to say about first lines? Stop in at 1001 First Lines and see for yourself.

I donned my editor’s hat and visited the Two Fantasy Floozies — and gave away a 30-page edit. For free!

I went back to Two Fantasy Floozies for a continued talk about the nuts-and-bolts of being an editor. This time, the topic was what to charge.

Rock Fiction is taking off as a genre, so it was nice to be able to stop in at e-Book Builders to talk about myself as an author. was in search of advice and inspiration for Moms and Dads. I was all too glad to chip in.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, saved me from bankruptcy after my eye injury. Here’s an interview at Rewind that speaks about that, and how it has helped me be the editor many rely on to make their words better.

More in the fight over health care. This time, it’s Amy Zellmer at the Huffington Post who captured the essence of what I’m facing.

I made it into the New York Times! The article is about teens and jobs and preparing for college, and how it all ties together… or doesn’t.

Don’t discount the US News and World Report, which wanted to know how I manage to keep two teens fed.