There’s an awful lot going on in Susan’s world, too many to stick on a homepage of a website. Here’s some more of the fun stuff you’ll find here:

Cast of Characters — click through and meet the various fictional folk you’ll encounter both on my blog, the Meet and Greet at West of Mars, and in my books.

Featured New Book — I like to host other authors on Mondays. I ask ONE question. That’s it. Just one. But it’s a doozy! If you think you can handle it, feel free to drop me a line and see when my next open Monday is.

Host Susan! — This is nice and simple. I love to visit with new people, usually via guest blog posts or interviews. I’d love to spend a day with your listserve, talking writing, Rock Fiction, editing, or reviewing. I’m also available to come to you in person, for a workshop, a writer’s retreat weekend, a conference, or whatever else you’d like. (Satanic rituals in which I’m the offering is where I draw the line, however.)

You know of my love for Rock Fiction. Did you also know I’m the head of my own book club — and we do NOT read Rock Fiction? We tend toward Jewish lit, actually. Stop in and see what we’ve read and what’s in our queue. Suggestions are gladly accepted!

If you are looking for the old Win a Book site, even its archives are currently unavailable. I hope to bring them back ’cause I’m proud of what that site used to be. Hopefully I’ll be able to salvage them.

Coming soon!
A Photo gallery, with all the images you’ll need to talk about me.

An online press kit featuring Susan (that’s me) and all my books.

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