Nov 112013

I love running the Featured New Book spotlight. I really do. The song choices all the different authors make never fails to make me smile. I’ve encountered a ton of new-to-me music, some of which keeps me company as I edit.

But… one thing I hate doing is chasing after authors and begging them to send me a post. It’s time that I could be spending on other cool things around here. And I certainly talked to enough authors and encouraged them to submit after Rocktober… but they didn’t.

So if you know an author who’s got a book out — and it doesn’t have to be new in the sense of newly released. Just new to me and (possibly) my readers, send them over. I hear over and over again that authors love the one-question interview, they love thinking up a song.

The space is reserved, so take advantage. Otherwise, the dressing room will be open and the time slot booked for someone else.

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