Oct 102013

Everyone’s talking about Jessica Topper’s Louder than Love, and she was kind enough to send a copy my way. I’m around page 50, so it seems like the perfect time to ask you guys if you are reading it, if you have read it, or if you’ll consider hopping over to your favorite bookstore (indies are always the best) and picking up a copy of your own.

Join me in the story of Katrina the widow and her adventures… Fifty pages in, it’s darn good stuff!

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  2 Responses to “Louder than Love: A Rock Fiction Readalong!”

  1. I’m finishing up a non rock read The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I had picked up the third book in the trilogy at the local book swap shelves thinking it was part of a different series, then decided to pick up the first two books and start the Mortal Instrument books from this trilogy and work up to the City of Bones Books.

    But, I’m waiting for book 2 to get here. So I will most likely dive into Mozart’s Sister by Rita Charbonnier which I’m sad to admit is a review book that slipped through the cracks of my TBR pile (it was a goodreads giveaway awhile ago bad me).

  2. Hi Susan!

    Jessica Topper is giving me an exclusive interview with Adrian from Louder Than Love on my blog on 11/8! I am collecting interview questions from any and all fans who want to know more about the British rocker that stole our hearts! If you have any burning questions for Adrian, please email them to heasrus at yahoo dot com by Friday, November 1!

    Thank you!

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