Jan 172013

Since I’ve spent the past few months being booked out a couple of months, it seems it’s time to be a little more exclusive…

That’s a polite way to say my editing rates are going up.

For projects BOOKED after March 1, the rates will look like this:

Content editing (looking at plot, pacing, characterization, tension; etc. The big picture)
$.011 (or, $2.75 per 250 words)

Line editing (looking at your language and your sentences. Do they match the voice? How’s your word choice? Can you reword something for better meaning?)
$.008 (or, $2 per 250 words)

Proofreading/copy editing (sticking straight to mechanics — are words used correctly? How’s the punctuation?)
$.005 (or, $1.25 per 250 words)

As always, booking me for a content edit will give me the freedom to work on line editing and proof work — although as always, if you make revisions I haven’t seen (and you should!), look into having a final proofread right before you hit that submit button. Be that for an agent, an acquiring editor, or on the self-published side. Strive to put your best out there — and remember I’m here to help you get there.

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  4 Responses to “Susan’s Editing Notes: Going Up”

  1. What I really need is someone to write my query letters for me. :)

    I’ll have to hurry up and get something done. I was doing a final proof of the one we talked about and have just deleted out a character and re-done the opening chapter twice. I tell you, it’s endless.

  2. Oh, just great. So let’s see, my 300,000 word novel will cost me, yikes, $3,300. I guess I better do some trimming. :-)

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