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With a true love for the written word and an equal passion to make the world more literate, I’ve decided that retirement was fun, but working is better. If you’re in need of a good editor, I’m the woman for you.

I got my start in this line of work back in college, staffing the copy desk for The Pitt News, the student-run newspaper of the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation, I spent five years working for a New Jersey-based textbook publisher and for individual writers. Along the way, I earned a BA in English Writing (journalism, PR, and fiction) from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Bowling Green State University and have worked in fiction ever since, as a writer and editor.

That’s over 20 years of editing experience, folks. Something to consider as you investigate your options.

And now, as of August 2013, there is a non-fiction department, so that West of Mars can handle all your editorial needs.

As of anything booked after March 1, 2013, West of Mars editing rates look like this:

Content editing (looking at plot, pacing, characterization, tension; etc. The big picture)
$.011 (or, $2.75 per 250 words)

Line editing (looking at your language and your sentences. Do they match the voice? How’s your word choice? Can you reword something for better meaning?)
$.008 (or, $2 per 250 words)

Proofreading/copy editing (sticking straight to mechanics — are words used correctly? How’s the punctuation?)
$.005 (or, $1.25 per 250 words)

(We reserve the right to raise these rates for English as Second Language clients, as they often require more in-depth work and attention.)

Ready for more details? You can find them here.

Once you’ve read what my clients have to say about me, please contact me for further details, to ask questions, and to book a spot on my calendar. Comments left on this page will be deleted unread. You MUST e-mail me!

Need more? I have built a page of reference material for you. As authors, we owe it to our readers to put out the best book possible. Check it out, and let me know if there’s anything I should add to the page.

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