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The more I work as a freelance editor, the more I am finding that authors of all shapes and sizes — and experiences — don’t fully understand the power of a good editor, and what’s involved in the editing process.

This page of resources will, hopefully, help.

* One of the best blog posts (or anything, really) that I’ve read about what it takes to be a good editor came from my own editor and mentor, Theresa Stevens at her edittorent blog. If you’re not reading this blog, you should be. Start with this post, however, titled Want to be an editor when you grow up?

* If you are shopping for an editor, try this blog post from India Drummond, detailing her search for a new editor after her old editor closed to freelance clients. This thorough search may have been time-consuming, but aren’t you (and your books) worth it?

* Just as I believe us authors are in this thing called publishing together, I also believe us editors are in it together, too. After all, there are too many writers for one or two editors to handle it all — and, of course, you need a variety of talents and personalities to make sure everyone is well served.

If I’m too backed up for your timetable, or if we don’t work well together, here’s a list of some other editors you may wish to contact. I can’t vouch for the quality of their work, nor their prices. Just that they are friends, colleagues, and invested in the same thing I am: making your work shine.

Phyl Good
Hazard Editing Services
Victory Editing
Serena Augusto-Cox
Adirondack Editing
Mike Purfield’s Manuscript Critique and Proofreading
Rising Sign Books

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