Apr 102014

I smell a trend.

Authors who e-mail me, wanting me to edit their books while they’re on summer vacation. They want to take time off, be with their kids and their families, travel, see the world. Do those things that writers have to do in order to keep the Write What You Know furnace stoked.

I don’t blame a single one of you. In fact, I encourage every single one of my clients to step away from the computer and clear their brain. Go camping. Visit a national park. Breathe fresh mountain air or fresh salty sea air. I don’t care. Just unplug!

Which means I’m participating in creating my own crushing summer workload, and I’m more than glad to — so long as I can handle what you guys throw at me. I am very smart at managing workloads and even better with time management. Best of all, I know people who would give their eyeteeth to work under the West of Mars banner. I’m building a tradition of excellence, after all, and am pleased and flattered to have so many people who want to be part of West of Mars.

If you haven’t caught on by now, all of this is a fancy way to say get your dates booked now. Pick a deadline — I start new projects every Monday — and get your name on my calendar.

Summer dates are available. Get yours while the getting’s good. Because I promise you won’t be the only one waiting until the last minute. And I promise that existing clients won’t be turned away. If you’ve been wanting to cross the West of Mars threshold, this is your Bat Signal.

Book your dates for June, July, and August. New or existing, lock in your dates. We can always move ‘em later if we need to.



Feb 182014

I’ve referenced the Non-fiction department here at West of Mars a few times now, but last week, I sent out the official press release (if you’re a media outlet and you didn’t get it, holler and I’ll send it to you … and add it to my list for future releases).

Here it is:

West of Mars, LLC is proud to announce an expansion of services into the area of non-fiction editing. Copy and line-editing services are provided for multiple publications, including, but not limited to, company annual reports, press releases, memoirs, monthly newsletters, opinion pieces written for local press, and blog posts.

Principal non-fiction editor Mary Sutton has worked in the high-technology industry for over fifteen years as a technical writer and editor for companies in the Pittsburgh area. She also writes independent blog posts for business. Fiction editor Susan Helene Gottfried brings more than twenty years’ editing experience to new and best-selling authors who publish their books independently or with small presses.

West of Mars, LLC is a Wexford, PA-based author services company providing editorial support and more for anyone who writes for public consumption.

For an estimate for services, contact Susan Gottfried at Susan@Westofmars.com.

Or, of course, since you’re already AT West of Mars as you read this, here are the links you need:
current editing home page
Current non-fiction page

There ya go. If you write it, we’ll help you polish it.

Jun 102013

First off: the Featured New Book spotlight is empty again! C’mon, authors and readers. If you don’t have a new book out, surely you have a friend who has one. Send him or her my way. I love to help others out.

A reminder link to the Featured New Book Spotlight page. Follow the directions and send me an e-mail.

Second is a bit of a weird story. Despite clear instructions NOT to, a potential client left a comment asking for a sample edit and what my timetable is. The mail got deleted, as the site says it will, but I dug it out.

I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t. I tried twice, in two different ways, but the e-mail bounced.

Either someone is messing with me, which I don’t appreciate, or Janet made a mistake, which happens.

Janet, if you’re out there, please be in touch. My calendar is filling up pretty fast, so we need to connect sooner rather than later.