Oct 112013

I’m not just posting about Rocktober over here, I’m over at e-Book Builders, myself, with an interview about myself.

Stop in and learn some things about me. I’m pretty cool.

(And wow, I just realized … this is my first interview since July of 2012. I’ve written guest blog posts, but not given any interviews. No wonder I feel like I’ve fallen into a black hole!)

Oct 092013

The best part of Rocktober is that it can be about different things. The rule is that Rocktober is a celebration of the collision of books and music, so it makes sense to bring attention to my friend Darcia Helle.

She’s got a long post that’s totally cool and worth reading — and listening too — about how and what music inspires her.

Go meet some new bands you may not have heard of. And, as always let me know who you’re listening to — and if you have other Rocktober news to share, give me a holler.

Dec 182012

As the holidays ramp up or come to a close, if you’re celebrating Hanukkah like me, it’s been a whirlwind around here.

The good news? The editing calendar only has 4 days left in February: three in the middle of the month, and one at the end. March and April dates are ready to be booked.

Take a step back and breathe with me. And get ready… things are going to ramp up even more in 2013. You may not see it until about a year from now, but hang tight. You’ll love what I’m working on.

So. That brings us to today’s worthwhile content, which turns out to be a redirect, over to Animal Friends. I’ve swapped foster kitties, so go check it out. I love the picture of Zenji; I took that one. The shot of Geronimo was taken by The Girl Band. Not bad work for a kid her age, huh?