Apr 182013

So I had a fabulous idea. Let’s celebrate Record Store Day.

Lots of my author friends were willing to chip in and have fun with me.

But… man, I need a promotions person over here. Not only have I been slammed with editing work, I’ve gotten Demo Tapes 4 up and running (go get a copy!), but I’m getting ready to do a big website overhaul and… I get word that my iconic S avatar is too old, and the original files too lost.

So now I’ve got to redo all that. Which means something’s gotta go, and that something is… Record Store Promo Day fun.

If you know anyone who’d like to be the West of Mars promotions person, send them my way. I may need more than one, and as we get up and running, this WILL be a paid position. Possibly even full-time, but I’m not ready to think of that yet.

Edits. Fonts. New Novels. And have I mentioned I’m a single parent these days, too?

Next year, folks. Once I get a promotions person, we’ll have us some GRAND fun.

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  6 Responses to “That great idea I had…”

  1. Hell hon, I’d do your promotions stuff for free. My last job was marketing and social media! :)

  2. Hey, life gets a hold of you, gives you a good shake and then leaves you sitting in a heap with your head spinning!
    There’s always next year :)
    Good luck with all the great things you’ve got going on!

  3. Amy sounds like your best bet, but I could use a job.

  4. They had a piece on the news tonight about records and vinyl and how records have become trendy again.

    Some days there aren’t enough minutes in the day. It sounds as if you have volunteers already.

  5. And I was feeling sadly behind because I don’t have a post up yet. Never enough hours… I need a publicist, too, but I can’t put money in that right now.

    • Yeah, lots of us would have loved to be part of this… next year. Some friends have already volunteered to step up, so watch for some cool West of Mars promos that’ll get us all lots of attention and love. Maybe you won’t even need that publicist, babe — you’ll have us!

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