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The Trevolution continues!

Demo Tapes 4

ShapeShifter fans, rejoice! Everyone’s favorite bad boy bass player, Trevor Wolff, is back in fine form in this fourth collection of short fiction.

There’s more Trevor, more Mitchell, more Kerri … and some new faces, as well.

Dive in and join the Trevolution with this new entry into the beloved Demo Tapes series.

Be sure to pick up ALL of the books that comprise the Trevolution.
The short stories:
Demo Tapes 1
Demo Tapes 2
Demo Tapes 3

The novels:

Trade Cover Front_fonts_1_v5c copy

Vive la Trevolution!

Don’t miss Susan’s short stories, either!
Lynne’s dad often takes her shopping with him at a high-end men’s boutique. Lynne likes to sit at the feet of the mannequin in the window and dream of what he’d be like if he were real. One day, a stranger walks in. For Lynne, nothing will be the same ever again.

This is a stand-alone short story that’s free at most retailers. You sharp-eyed fans of the Trevolution just might notice a cameo appearance.

Pink Snowbunnies

This juried anthology featured my non-Trevolution-based short story, The Taste of Pink Snow. Proceeds from the 99c download are donated to various animal-based charities.

With Love

I was invited to participate in the first With Love anthology, with proceeds headed to Doctors Without Borders. My story, Guitar God Numero Uno, is a story of the Trevolution. All you Mitchell lovers, be sure you don’t miss this one.

BSB vol 2

Make a Wish is the Trevolution-based story in this one. Lots of comments were made to me personally about it being a heart-string-tugger. Check it out and let me know if you agree.

bsb vol 4

My story The Ghost of the Dresser was a total departure for me. Is it a new direction? A new beginning? Time will tell.

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