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My fictional band ShapeShifter is merely the result of what happens when you mix a writer with a music lover, a woman who almost went to work full-time in the music business. To me, combining these elements is the most natural thing in the world; I can’t get enough of bands, music, and books.

I’m not the only writer who feels compelled to write about this subject. But finding a comprehensive list can be difficult.

Like my fictional character Trevor Wolff, I’m not one to shy away from tackling such a job. I’m not naive enough to believe this is an all-inclusive list; if you see anything I’ve missed, drop me an e-mail. I’ll also link to any reviews you may have written, as well. There’s nothing wrong with multiple perspectives!

I haven’t read all the books listed here, although I aspire to. Thus, inclusion here shouldn’t indicate an endorsement on my end (if there’s a review, be sure to read it. Not all are raves!). If you’d like to be reviewed by me, read my book review policy first, then follow the directions.

Here you go. Rock and Roll Fiction.

Sayer Adams — Blindsided (With the Band)

Salman Ahmad — Rock & Roll Jihad

Sherman Alexie — Reservation Blues

Andrew Foster Altschul — Lady Lazarus

Bella Andre — From This Moment On

Alan Arlt — The Carpet Frogs: Music After Tomorrow

Tibby Armstrong — Sheet Music

Jake Arnott — Johnny Come Home

Ace Atkins — Crossroad Blues
Ace Atkins — Dirty South

Melanie Atkins –Darkness on the Edge of Town

Katy Atlas — Moving Neutral
Katy Atlas — Moving in Reverse

Jeffrey H Baer — A Song Apart

Rachel Bailey — Million-Dollar Amnesia Scandal
* Read my review

James Robert Baker — Fuel-Injected Dreams

Iain Banks — Espedair Street

LA Banks — Minion
LA Banks — The Awakening
LA Banks — The Forbidden

Maya Banks — Sweet Possession
* Read my review

Tessa Barclay — A Final Discord

Ian Barker — Fallen Star

Gerry Bartlett — Real Vampires Don’t Diet

Jack Batten — Straight No Chaser

Gael Baudino — Gossamer Axe

Clara Bayard — Rocked
Clara Bayard — Rocked on the Road
Clara Bayard — Rocked to the Core
Clara Bayard — Lost Weekend (Rocked 3.5)
Clara Bayard — Hard Rocked
Clara Bayard — Deep Rocked
Clara Bayard — Well Rocked
Clara Bayard — Rocked in the Dark
Clara Bayard — Rocked: Dex & Becca

Paul Beatty — Slumberland

Adora Bell — Front Man

Madison Smartt Bell — Anything Goes

Magnolia Belle — Black Wolf: Rosebud
Magnolia Belle — Black Wolf: Lakota Man
Magnolia Belle — Miko and Lil Onda Bus
Magnolia Belle — Miko And Lil “Onda” Bus (again)
Magnolia Belle — Black Wolf on Tour
* Read my review at Front Street Reviews.

Raymond Benson — A Hard Day’s Death
Raymond Benson — Dark Side of the Morgue
*Read my review at Front Street Reviews.

Robin Benway — Audrey, Wait

Marc Blatte — Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed

Rick Blechta — A Case of You

Nick Blinko — The Primal Screamer

Karina Bliss — What the Librarian Did
* Read my review

Olivia Boler — The Flower Bowl Spell

Jan Bornstein — Beyond Beautiful
Jan Bornstein — Sweet Emotions
Jan Bornstein — Deuces are Wild
* Read my review at POD People

Miriam Brady and Amber Best — The Back-Up List

Ed Briant — I am (Not) the Walrus

Poppy Z. Brite — Lost Souls

Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn with Bill Fitzhugh — The Adventures of Slim and Howdy

Don Bruns — Jamaica Blue
Don Bruns — Barbados Heat
Don Bruns — South Beach Shakedown
Don Bruns — St. Barts Breakdown
* read my review at Front Street Reviews.
Don Bruns — Bahama Burnout
* Read my review at Front Street Reviews.

Olivia Brynn — Falling Star
* Read my review
Olivia Brynn — Backstage Pass

Jimmy Buffett — Where is Joe Merchant?

Jason Burhmester — Black Dogs: The Possibly True Story of Classic Rock’s Greatest Robbery

Rachel K. Burke — Sound Bites
* Read my review!

DJ Butler — Hellhound on my Trail
* Read my review

Johnny Byrne — Groupie

Meg Cabot — Size 12 Is Not Fat
* Read my review
Meg Cabot — Size 14 Is Not Fat Either
Meg Cabot — Big Boned

Rachel Caine — Kiss of Death

DH Cameron — Rock & Roll Curves

Mari Carr — Fix You

Lori Carson: The Original 1982

Tom Carson — Twisted Kicks

Charlotte Carter — Rhode Island Red

Mina Carter — Rockstar

Cecil Castellucci — Beige
* Read my review

Sharon Cathcart — The Rock Star in the Mirror (Or, how David Bowie Ruined My Life)

Jim Cherry — The Last Stage
* Read my review at Front Street Reviews.

Farai Chideya — Kiss the Sky
* Read my review

Mark Childress — Tender

LB Clark — Call Out: Jukebox Heroes Book One

Debra Clayton — Fallen Star

Judy Clemens — To Thine Own Self Be True
Judy Clemens — The Day Will Come

Carol Clewlow — One for the Money

Jeannette Clinkunbroomer — Life Without Music

Liza Cody — Under Contract
Liza Cody — Gimme More

Jonathan Coe — The Rotters’ Club

Mark Coggins — Runoff

Rachel Cohn — Pop Princess
* Read my review

Rachel Cohn and David Levithan — Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
* Read my review

Clare Cole — New Sensation * Run to You — Curves for the Rock Star 1 & 2

Jackie Collins — Rock Star

Lynne Connolly — Sunfire
Lynne Connolly — Meet the Murder City Ravens
Lynne Connolly — In the Mood

Liza Conrad — Rock My World

Ronnie Cooper — Rock Chicks

Sheila Copeland — Diamond Revelation

Douglas Cowie — Owen Noone and the Marauder

JR Creech — Music and Crime
* read a journal entry from

Rachel Cross — Rock Him

Jay Crownover: Jet

Albie Cullen — Drown

Olivia Cunning — Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour
* Read my review
Olivia Cunning — Rock Hard: Sinners on Tour
* Read my review
Olivia Cunning — Wicked Beat: Sinners on Tour
Olivia Cunning — Try Me: One Night with Sole Regret
Olivia Cunning — Tempt Me: One Night with Sole Regret
Olivia Cunning — Take Me: One Night with Sole Regret

Lauren Dane — Laid Bare
Lauren Dane — Lush

David Daniel — White Rabbit

Casey Daniels — Tombs of Endearment

Helena Danyluk — Rock ‘n’ Roll Confessions: Book 1

Janice Daugharty — Katy Land

Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry — Out of Play

Mike Dawson — Freddie & Me: A Coming-of-Age

Teric Darken — K-I-L-L FM: Music to Die For

Don DeLillo — Great Jones Street

Teri Denine — Lovers and Liars

Bradley Denton — Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede

Kim DeSalvo — Incidental Happenstance

Merrie Destefano — Afterlife

Erin Downing — Dancing Queen
*Read my review

Roddy Doyle — The Commitments

Stella Duffy — Beneath the Blonde

Jill Edmondson — Blood and Groom
* Read a review at e-Book Builders
Jill Edmondson — Dead Light District
Jill Edmondson — The Lies Have It
Jill Edmonson — Frisky Business

Art Edwards — Stuck Outside of Phoenix
Art Edwards — Ghost Notes

Emma L. Edwards — Sanguinary

Martin Edwards — Yesterday’s Papers

Sandra Edwards — Crazy For You

Jennifer Egan — A Visit from the Goon Squad
* Read my review

Sean Egan — Sick of Being Me

Peggy Ehrhart — Sweet Man is Gone
* read my review at Front Street Reviews.

Harlan Ellison — Spider Kiss

Elizabeth Eulberg — Take a Bow

Avis Exley — Love Notes

Jenny Fabian — Groupie

Josh Farrar — Rules to Rock By
* Read a review at BookHounds

Ray Fawkes and Cameron Stewart — The Apocalipstix

Caridad Ferrer — Adios to my Old Life

Bill Fitzhugh — Fender Benders

Bill Flanagan — A&R
* Read my review

Paul Ford — Gary Benchley, Rock Star

Gayle Forman — If I Stay
* Read my review

Emily Franklin and Brendan Halpin — The Half-Life of Planets
* Read Jett Ostra’s review

David Fulmer — Chasing the Devil’s Tale
David Fulmer — Jass

Debra Garfinkle — Finding Love

Joseph Garraty — Voice
* Read my review

Nell Gavin — Hang On

Jeff Gelb, Ed — Shock Rock
Jeff Gelb, Ed — Shock Rock 2

William Gibson — Idoru

Lisa Gillis — Jack Who?
Lisa Gillis — Weathering Jack Storm
Lisa Gillis — Snow Storms

Hal Glatzer — Too Dead to Swing

Joey Goebel — The Anomalies

Rick Goeld — Searching for Steely Dan

KL Going — Fat Kid Rules the World
* read a review from Megan at Leafing Through Life

Kathi Kamen Goldmark — And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You

Alyssa Goodnight — Austentatious

Linda Gould — The Rock Star’s Homecoming
* Read my review at Breeni Books

Deborah Grabien — Rock and Roll Never Forgets

Norman Green — The Last Gig

Tilly Greene — My Angel

Andy Greenwald — Miss Misery

JP Grider — Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star)

Sadie Grubor — Falling Stars
Sadie Grubor — Falling Stars“>Stellar Evolution

Jane Haddam — Cheating at Solitaire: A Gregor Demarkian Novel

Jessica Hagedorn — The Gangster of Love

Barbara Hall — Tempo Change

Brendan Halpin — I Can See Clearly Now

Michael Hammond — Redemption Song

Lily Harlem — Mattress Music
Lily Harlem — Mirror Music
Lily Harlem — Menage a Music

Kristin Harmel — The Art of French Kissing

Allison Harnby — It’s Not You, It’s Me
* Read my review

Jean Haus — In the Band

Candice Havens — Charmed & Ready

ST Haymon — Death of a God

Shane Hebert — The Ballad of Corey Robichaux

Richard Hell — Go Now
* Read my review

Patty Callahan Henry — The Perfect Love Song

Carl Hiaasen — Basket Case

Roccie Hill — Three Minutes on Love

David Hiltbrand — Killer Solo
David Hiltbrand — Deader than Disco
* Read my review
David Hiltbrand — Dying to be Famous
* Read my review

Abram Shalom Himelstein and Jamie Schweser — Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing

Nicholas Hogg — Show Me the Sky

Ann Hood — Three-Legged Horse

Rupert Holmes — Swing: A Mystery

Nick Hornby — High Fidelity
Nick Hornby — Juliet, Naked

Barney Hoskyns — The Lonely Planet Boy

Adriana Hunter — Rock Hard

Kazuo Ishiguro — Nocturnes

Aiden James — Deadly Night

Karolyn James — All Access (Chasing Cross Book One — a Brothers of Rock Novel)

Maggie James — Love Bleeds

Jade C Jamison — Tangled Web
Jade C Jamison — Everything But (Tangled Web)

Heather Jensen — Blood and Guitars

Robert T. Jeschonek — My Favorite Band Does Not Exist

Lisa Jewell — One Hit Wonder

Amber L. Johnson — Beatless

Hunter S. Jones — Fortune Calling

Camden Joy — The Last Rock Star Book Or: Liz Phair, a Rant
Camden Joy — Boy Island

Wynonna Judd — Restless Heart
* Read my review

Elise Juska — Getting Over Jack Wagner
* Read my review

Jill Kargman — The Rock Star in Seat 3A
* Read Mary’s review at BookHounds

Michael Kayser — Fast Cars and Rock and Roll
* Read Jett’s review

Chana Keefer — One Night with a Rock Star

Sharon Kendrick — A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby

Erica Kennedy — Bling
* Read my review

Pagan Kennedy — The Exes

Greg Kihn — Big Rock Beat
Greg Kihn — Mojo Hand
Greg Kihn — Rubber Soul

David Allen Kimmel — Rockin’ Across the Galaxy
* Read Jett’s review

Wylie Kinson — Law of Averages

Anne-Marie Klein — Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign O’er Me
Anne-Marie Klein — Behind Blue Eyes: Love Ain’t for Keeping
Anne-Marie Klein — Behind Blue Eyes: Let My Love Open the Door

Daniel M. Klein — Kill me Tender
Daniel M. Klein — Blue Suede Clues

Jim Kohn — Sex, Drugs & Raga-Roll

Gordon Korman — Born to Rock

JF Kristin — Rock Star’s Girl

Christopher Krovatin — Heavy Metal and You
* Read my review

Stephanie Kuehnert — I Wanna be Your Joey Ramone

Ken Kuhlken — The Venus Deal
Ken Kuhlken — The Loud Adios
Ken Kuhlken — the Angel Gang
Ken Kuhlken — The Vagabond Virgins
Ken Kuhlken — The Do Re Mi

Nina LaCour — The Disenchantments
*Read Mary’s review at Forever Young (Adult)

Lorna Landvik — Oh My Stars

Melody Lane — The Banger Sisters Do London
Melody Lane — Rock Me
* Read my review

Kimberly Lang — The Downfall of a Good Girl
*Read my review

Ruth Ryan Langan — All that Glitters
* Read my review

Anthea Lawson — Sonata for a Scoundrel

JM La Rocca — Lifeless

Deborah J. Ledford — Staccato
Deborah J. Ledford — Snare

Georgie Lee — Rock ‘n’ Roll Reunion

John Leslie — Night and Day
John Leslie — Love for Sale
John Leslie — Blue Moon

Robert S. Levinson — The Elvis and Marilyn Affair
Robert S. Levinson — The John Lennon Affair
Robert S. Levinson — In the Key of Death

Rebecca Lewis — Merch Girl

Diane Wei Liang — Paper Butterfly: A Mei Wang Mystery

Tom Lichtenberg — Bobby and the Bedouins

April Lindner — Jane
* Read Mary’s review at BookHounds
April Lindner — Catherine

Mark Lindquist — Never Mind Nirvana

Laura Lippman — In Big Trouble
* Read my review

Donnie Light — Hotel California

Ann Lister — Covered in Lace: The Lacey Sheridan Story

Lisa Loomis — Boy in a Band

Ava Lore — Hard Rock Arrangement (The Lonely Kings #1)

Kathy Love — Any Way You Want It
Kathy Love — I Want You to Want Me

Jane Lovering — Please Don’t Stop the Music

Nancy Loyan — Special Angel

Jacqueline E. Luckett — Searching for Tina Turner
* Read my review

Sinclair Macleod: The Killer Performer

Love Maia — DJ Rising

Louis Maistros — The Sound of Building Coffins

Michelle Mankin — Love Evolution
Michelle Mankin — Love Revolution

Sarra Manning — Guitar Girl
* Read my review

Creston Mapes — Dark Star : Confessions of a Rock Idol
Creston Mapes — Full Tilt

Nicola Marsh — Sex, Gossip, and Rock and Roll

George R.R. Martin — The Armageddon Rag

Rosemary Martin — It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder
* Read my review

Tracey Martin — Another Little Piece of my Heart

Z.A. Maxfield — Rhapsody for Piano and Ghost

Wendell McCall — Dead Aim

Robert McCammon — The Five

Kate McCarthy — Give Me Love

Val McDermid — Blue Genes

RJ McDonnell — Rock & Roll Homicide
* Read my review
RJ McDonnell — Rock & Roll Rip-Off
* Read my review
RJ McDonnell — The Concert Killer

Jay McInerney — The Last of the Savages

Jason McIntyre — Thalo Blue (link to Smashwords)

Emily McKay — Seduced: The Unexpected Virgin
* Read my review

Heidi McLaughlin — Forever My Girl

Tyler McMahon — How the Mistakes Were Made
* Read my review

A.L. Means — Shine Like the Sun

Amy Meister — Rainbow in the Dark

David Menconi — Off the Record

Jane Mendelsohn — American Music

Joe Meno — Hairstyles of the Damned
* Read my review

Barnabas Miller — Rock God: The Legend of BJ Levine

Gracen Miller — Rockin’ the Heart

Laura Miller — Butterfly Weeds

Michael Scott Miller — Ladies and Gentlemen… The Redeemers
* Read my review

Mary Monroe — The Company We Keep

Bill Moody — Bird Lives
Bill Moody — Looking for Chet Baker

Julie Morrigan — Heartbreaker

Shelley Munro — Seeking Kokopelli
Shelley Munro — Past Regrets

Blake Nelson — Girl
Blake Nelson — User
Blake Nelson — Rock Star Superstar
* Read Jett’s Review

Ron C. Nieto — Silent Song
Ron C. Nieto — Shattered Silence

John Niven — The Band’s Music from Big Pink
John Niven — Kill Your Friends

Jennifer O’Connell — Off the Record

Matt O’Keefe — You Think You Hear

Tony O’Neill — Down and Out on Murder Mile

Dave Owens — Music or Death
Dave Owens — Dead Air

Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons — Fury

Brian Paone — Dreams are Unfinished Thoughts

George Earl Parker — Vampyre Blood: Eight Pints of Trouble

Michael Parker — If You Want Me to Stay

Tony Parsons — Platinum Logic

Ainslie Paton — Getting Real

Elyssa Patrick — As You Wish
Elyssa Patrick — One Hit Wonder
Elyssa Patrick — Stay with Me

David Payne — Back to Wando Passo

Allison Pearson — I think I Love You
* Read Mary’s Review at BookHounds

Marlene Perez — Dead is a Battlefield
* Read Mary’s Review at BookHounds
Marlene Perez — Dead is a Killer Tune

Tom Perotta — The Wishbones

Chad Peery — Stealing Margo
Chad Peery — Smoking Jimi

Adrian Phoenix — A Rush of Wings
Adrian Phoenix — In the Blood
Adrian Phoenix — Beneath the Skin

Autumn Piper — Fallen Star Trouble

Neal Pollack — Never Mind the Pollacks

Frank Portma — King Dork

Zathyn Priest — The Curtis Reincarnation

Kristen Proby — Rock with Me

ME Purfield — In Heaven/Let Down
ME Purfield — Munki Moo Moo
ME Purfield — Breaking Fellini

Arabella Quinn — Rock Me: Wicked

Joyce Raskin — My Misadventures as a Teenage Rock Star
* Read Mary’s review at BookHounds

Francis Ray — It Had to be You

Rob Reid — Year Zero
* Read my review

Katie Reus — Trust No One

Ann Rice — The Vampire Lestat

Lisa Marie Rice — Hotter than Wildfire

Mark Rice — Metallic Dreams

Patricia Rice — The Lure of Song and Magic

Jamie S. Rich — Cut My Hair

Nicole Richie — The Truth about Diamonds
Nicole Richie — Priceless

Heather Lynn Rigaud — Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star

Andrea K. Robbins — Face the Music

Nora Roberts — Public Secrets

Brieanna Robertson — Better than Chocolate

Peter Robinson — Piece of My Heart

Misako Rocks — Rock and Roll Love

Patricia Rockwell — FM for Murder

Susan Roebuck — Perfect Score

Aubrey Rose — Rocking her Curves

Elisabeth Rose — Outback Hero

Emme Rollins: Meeting Trouble (originally published as Happy Accident)

Nico Rosso — Heavy Metal Heart

Victoria Routledge — Swan Song
* Read my review

Allison Rushby — It’s Not You It’s Me

Salman Rushdie — The Ground Beneath Her Feet

J. J. Salem — Tan Lines

Katie Salidas — Karma and Melodies

Kevin Sampson — Powder

Mary Saums — Midnight Hour

June Skinner Sawyers — The Best in Rock Fiction

Dylan Schaffer — Misdemeanor Man
* Read my review
Dylan Schaffer — I Right the Wrongs

Dan Schell — The Road to Fluffer
* Read my review

John Schlimm — Twang

David J. Schow — The Kill Riff

Joe Schreiber — Perry’s Killer Playlist

Benjamin M. Schutz — The Things We Do for Love

Jerry Schwartz — Pixels of Young Mueller

Kylie Scott — Lick

Lizbeth Selvig — The Rancher and the Rock Star

Maria Semple — This One is Mine
*Read a review at Bermudaonion’s blog

Alice Severin — Access All Areas

Morty Shallman — Last of the Zacharys, a Novel with Songs

Howard Shapiro and Joe Pekar — Stereotypical Freaks

Laurie Gwen Shapiro — The Unexpected Salami
* Read my review

Cal Sharp — The Beast from the Back of the Bus

Michael Shilling — Rock Bottom
*Read my Review at Breeni Books

Lewis Shiner — Glimpses
Lewis Shiner — Say Goodbye: The Laurie Moss Story

Sylvie Simmons — Too Weird for Ziggy

Clea Simon — Mew Is for Murder
Clea Simon — Cries and Whiskers

Jen Sincero — Don’t Sleep With Your Drummer
* Read My Review

Paul Sizer — B.P.M.

Jon Skovron — Struts and Frets

CJ Skuse — Rockohlic

Anthony Neil Smith — The Drummer
* Read my review

Julie Smith — New Orleans Mourning
Julie Smith — The Axeman’s Jazz
Julie Smith — 82 Desire

Jeri Smith-Ready — Wicked Game
Jeri Smith-Ready — Bad to the Bone
Jeri Smith-Ready — Shade

Emily Snow — Devoured

Keith Snyder — Coffin’s Got the Dead Guy on the Inside

Chris Solberg and Vince Meehan — Hollywood: Rock of Ages

SP Somtow — Vanitas

Rick Soper — The Rock Star
Rick Soper — The Singer

Jessica Sorensen — The Ever After of Ella and Michael

TM Souders — Freedom Road

Scott Spencer — The Rich Man’s Table

Leah Spiegel — Foolish Games
Leah Spiegel — Time Out

Norman Spinrad — Passing Through the Flame

Nancy Springer — Metal Angel

Marc Spitz — How Soon is Never?
Marc Spitz — Too Much Too Late

Dawn Steele — Marooned with the Rock Star

Juliana Stone — The Summer He Came Home

Whitley Streiber — Melody Burning

SC Stephens — Effortless
SC Stephens — Reckless

Michol Strow — So Punk Rock

Eden Summers — Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat #1)
Eden Summers — Passionate Addiction

Virginia Swift — Brown-Eyed Girl

Matt Syverson — Black Dog
* Read my review

AR Talley — David’s Song

Janet Tashjian — For What it’s Worth

Greg Taylor — The Girl who Became a Beatle

Liz Thomas — Rock Her

Marian Thomas — Color Me Jazzmyne

Betsy Thornton — A Song for You

Tim Thornton — The Alternative Hero

Lori Toland — The Replacement Guitarist

Terry Towers — The Rock Star and the Girl from the Coffee Shop

Samantha Towle — The Mighty Storm

Emma Trevayne — Coda

Gaby Triana — Backstage Pass

Lisa Tucker — The Song Reader

Michael Turner — Hard Core Lingo

Evan Tyler — A Happy Accident

Terry Tyler — Dream On
Terry Tyler — Full Circle

Cathi Unsworth — The Singer

Lex Valentine — Rock My World
* Read my review

Michelle A. Valentine — Rock the Heart
Michelle A. Valentine — Rock the Band
Michelle A. Valentine — Rock My Bed
Michelle A. Valentine — Rock My World
Michelle A. Valentine — Rock the Beat
Michelle A. Valentine — Rock My Body

Rachel Van Dyken — Tear
Rachel Van Dyken — Pull
Rachel Van Dyken — Shatter
Rachel Van Dyken — Forever

Piper Vaughn and MJ O’Shea — Moonlight Becomes You

Denise Vega — Rock On
* Read my review

Ginger Voight — Groupie
Ginger Voight — Rock Star

Virginia Wade — Curvy Girls Rock

Jeremy Wagner — The Armageddon Chord
* Read my review

Melissa Walker — Lovestruck Summer

Margaret and Lizz Weis — Fallen Angel

Lauren Weisberger — Last Night at Chateau Marmont
* Read my review

Christine Weiser — Broad Street

Louise Wener — Goodnight Steve McQueen

Patrick Wensink — Black Hole Blues

Geoffrey David West — Rock and Roll Suicide

Robert Westbrook — Nostalgia Kills

Pete Wentz — Gray

Fredrik P. Williams — Mangled Noize

David Niall Wilson — Deep Blue

St. Wishnevsky — Peace, Love, Banjoes, and Murder

**A note about the links: Links to Smashwords are affiliate links and if you use them, I will earn something like eleven cents.

I loudly encourage you guys to visit independent bookstores for your book-buying needs.

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