Susan’s Book Coveting: Backstage Past by Barry Fey


Of course I worked for a concert promoter! Two, actually. While I liked the idea and the environment, I can’t say it was the right fit for me. That doesn’t mean, if the opportunity presented itself, that I wouldn’t go back. I would. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

Barry Fey was the concert promoter in Denver. He’s a legend among promoters. And now, he’s written a book that may or may not help me decide if my two experiences with promoters were worth being open to a third go-round.

It’s called Backstage Past, and it’s the story of his life as a promoter — and all the adventures and hijinks and craziness he witnessed and was part of. This was during the heyday of rock, you know: the sixties through the nineties. Before corporate America entered the picture.

This could have been my life, if I’d made different choices. And been born earlier (wow! I don’t feel old for once!). And … and …

Yeah. Nevermind.

Backstage Past. Another Rock Nonfiction book I’m busy coveting.


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