Archery Expertise

Introducing Archery Accuracy Consultations

It’s common, when writing about low-tech societies, for characters to rely on bows and arrows as their weapons of choice.

And shows like Arrow and movies like The Hunger Games, which feature archery, also bend reality in order to make a fight scene look really good. But how are you to know that?

If you’re not an archer, if you’ve never shot a bow before, you may get some esoteric details wrong. Or your characters may wind up defying laws of physics. Or what you think archery is could just be so far from the truth that you can’t even.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

For a $100 consultation fee*, Susan and her team of experienced archers will answer your questions, look over the scenes you’ve written and help you present your fictional archers on the page with a ring of authenticity.

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If you're looking for a history lesson and the possible origins of the word "fire" as it's associated with archery, here you go!

* A portion of the consultation fee will be donated to the collegiate archers at the University of Pittsburgh

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