Susan’s Short Stories

Writing a short story is an art, one I was terrible at during my college and graduate school years. That’s not good when you’re in a creative writing program and the work you are graded on is short stories.

However, at some point after graduate school, the art of the story clicked. Maybe the format changed. (Probably the latter) And now, I have a variety of short stories in a variety of publications. From the charity-based With Love anthology to the juried Pink Snowbunnies in Hell anthology to some standalone shorts that remain dear to my heart.

Stay tuned; I’m sure more are to come.



A departure from the Trevolution, this 99c download was released for Rocktober 2014. What starts out as a normal night backstage becomes a night where mysteries are revealed and relationships altered. But is that a bad thing?



My standalone short story. Due to its age, it’s now free everywhere but Amazon, so be sure to pick it up. Eagle-eyed readers will recognize a familiar face. Amazon users, feel free to report the lower price.

With Love

With Love...

I was invited to participate in the first With Love anthology, with proceeds headed to Doctors Without Borders. My story, Guitar God Numero Uno, is a story of the Trevolution. All you Mitchell lovers, be sure you don't miss this one.

Pink Snowbunnies

The Taste of Pink Snow

This juried anthology featured my non-Trevolution-based short story, The Taste of Pink Snow. Proceeds from the 99c download are donated to various animal-based charities.

Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Make a Wish is the Trevolution-based story in this one. Lots of comments were made to me personally about it being a heart-string-tugger. Check it out and let me know if you agree.

The Ghost of the Dresser

The Ghost of The Dresser

Author Sharon Cathcart’s review at GoodReads said: "One of the things I love about the Bestseller Bound anthologies (and I have read all of them) is that they are consistently high-quality. Across all genres, from hard sci-fi to fantasy to historical fiction to literary fiction: you name it. This group of independent authors puts out some of the finest writing you’ll ever see. Susan Helene Gottfried's poignant “The Ghost of The Dresser” was a story of dreams and life changes."