Back Cover Copy & Bios

Most authors struggle with it: The dreaded back cover copy.

Once you’ve written a book, the rest should be easy, right? Less than 100 words about your book, with enough flair and panache to entice a reader to pick your book over all the others. No sweat!

Except... writing the back cover copy for your book (also lately called the blurb) can be an experience laced with pain, frustration, and teeth-gnashing. Some authors have been known to spend days cowering in a corner, chewing on a pound bar of chocolate from Trader Joe’s until they are brave enough to think about facing … well, life.

The experts at West of Mars are here to help. Even if you use another editor for your novel, our no-pressure services will take care of you and help you help your book find its best audience. We offer three levels of back cover copy services:

  • Redo your current cover copy to remove typos and maybe give it a bit of polish. That’ll cost you a whopping $10.
  • You provide us with your story’s high points and a rough draft of what you are struggling with, and we’ll take it from there. That’ll run you $75.
  • You send us a copy of the book and let us write the cover copy from scratch. This is the prime-time, premium service, and it’s going to dent your wallet. And we can’t even guarantee you’ll get it all back, either!* Prices start at $175 and go up for really long books.**
  • West of Mars gladly accepts Intuit and PayPal for payments — but payment is due to us in full before work begins. Once work has begun, no refunds will be issued.

*Anyone who guarantees you book sales through any method other than buying the books themselves quite possibly sold snake oil in a past lifetime. The simple truth is no one knows what sells books, other than word-of-mouth praise from other readers. All anyone can do is help you present yourself in the best light possible so you begin to develop that word-of-mouth following.

** What’s a really long book? Usually over 110,000 words. Before pictures.

Present yourself to the world

Been told your author bio is full of typos? Maybe it’s not as bad as this one, but your bio says a lot about who you are, both by listing your interests and by making you look good. If your author bio doesn’t make you look good, West of Mars can help. We can redo your current bio for $10, or for $75, you send us a list of elements you’d like to have included and let the experts whip it up into authorial biography goodness that’ll catch the interest of celebrity biographers everywhere.

Or maybe not. But we’ll make you look good.

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