Client-Only Services

One of the benefits of being a West of Mars client is that if you need something, we’ll do our best to provide it. For certain services, we’ll even waive fees or give you a discount.

If you’d like to reserve a date for the Featured New Book Spotlight or Lines of Distinction, we’ll waive the $5 fee.

By demand of our clients, here is what we offer only to you:

Back Cover Copy

I used to charge for this, but I've stopped. You deserve the full package from me.

I’ll take your unsatisfactory first attempt (even if it’s five words!) and help you refine it into something you love and want to shout about from rooftops. We’ll go back and forth on this as many times as you need us to, and that may take a bit. That's okay, though. Perfection wasn't achieved in a first draft. Keep that end goal in mind: loving it so much, you’ll shout from rooftops. (Ever stood on a rooftop? It can be scary on some of them. THOSE are the rooftops we want you on.)

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Going the traditional route?

For the same fee as the Back Cover Copy service (that’s nada, for quick reference), we’ll help with your query letter and synopsis so that it’s an agent or acquiring editor who’s (hopefully: I make no promises) singing off the rooftops.

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While You Write

Want or need immediate feedback as you work on your first draft? For a privately negotiated fee, you will gain access to your editor. While we’d love to say you can have 24/7 access, that’s pushing ourselves a bit much. But it will be prompt (according to you, not according to Susan) and you’ll get priority. Both new and veteran writers have used this service, and it’s designed for the author who is working outside his or her comfort zone - but it doesn’t have to be restricted that way.

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  • If you can conceive of needing it, we can find a way to provide it. At West of Mars, our focus is on helping you produce the best written words possible. Let us help you.
  • *What’s with all this singing from rooftops? Well, Susan is the queen of Rock Fiction, after all. She may have a lousy voice, but that doesn’t slow her down. Still, she’s always more than glad to hand the microphone - or the roof - over to someone more aurally pleasing.