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As an experiment, I’ve enrolled both Trevor’s Song and King Trevor in the Kindle Matchbook program.

I have reservations. I’m not a huge Amazon fan, and print sales are … well, quite stagnant. I get it: most of my readers are e-book readers. You guys don’t want print copies.

That’s why I’m skeptical of the entire program. But… nothing ventured, nothing gained. And at the very least, it’ll give me more information the next time a client asks me about it.

Go on. Prove me wrong. Make this worth doing.


(and, hey, if you think about it, go and add a few words of review at Amazon, GoodReads, B&N, or anyplace else you can think of. You’d be surprised how influential YOUR words can be.)


Susan’s Coveting a Twitter Friend’s Book


I was sloughing off recently, something I haven’t been doing nearly enough of (have you SEEN my editing calendar? You wouldn’t slough off, either!) and caught a Tweet from Dave Owens, who I was already following even though I had no clue until now who he really was.

In short: an author of Rock Fiction.

I tried to coerce him into throwing a review copy my way, but he didn’t bite. Probably a good thing ’cause he’s one of those authors (and you know who they, and you, are) who’ve only made their books available on the Kindle. Hello? Some of us prefer to get our nookie however we can, sad to say. TMI? Okay, how’s this: we like the idea of competition, so we own Nooks. Which means we can’t read books that are available for Kindle only.

Why are you teasing your potential audience like this, folks?

Okay. We’re not here to talk about exclusives (which suck). We’re here to talk about Dave’s book. Music or Death.

Sounds like the battle cry of my life.

Here’s the blurb, shamelessly stolen from Amazon.uk’s page:

London in the near future. Music has been outlawed in all its forms as part of anti-terrorism measures. The people have been emptied of emotion and are kept in line by The Anthem, a soulless mockery of music that hooks society like a drug. The people are addicted to government control.

Cain is accidentally recruited into the terrorist cell Music or Death when he is caught up in a bomb attack. It’s dedication to bringing down the government and returning music to the people draws Cain deeper into their world of violence. As MOD’s actions spiral out of control, culminating in a chemical attack on the London Underground, Cain’s dedication to the cause is confused by a budding romance with Sarah, girlfriend to MOD’s leader and believer that violence doesn’t have to be the only way.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Xementhis, head of elite police division Soundcrime, exercises all his powers to find and destroy the terrorist cell. As his actions become increasingly violent, it becomes apparent that his anti-terrorist fervour may be more personal than professional, culminating in a fatal clash deep in the tunnels beneath the city.

Does that kinda remind you of a dystopian Footloose, or WHAT? (That’s a compliment, by the way. I always liked the premise of Footloose.)

So. If you own a Kindle, go pick it up. If you don’t, join me in clamoring for other sales outlets. ‘Cause it really sucks when you find a book you want to read, but are a victim of elitism. Yes, I said it. I went there.

THAT’s how bad I want to read this book. Yes, the editor said BAD.

Don’t go all Beavis on me, here…


Demo Tapes on Sale Again!


The lovely — and for once, I mean that and am not sneering as I type — folks at Amazon have decided to include The Demo Tapes triplets in their 4-for-3 promotion.

That means you can buy all three Demo Tapes anthologies in print (instead of the Kindle format) and get something thrown in for free!

Go on. What are you waiting for?

Oh, you already have Demo Tapes 1, 2, or 3?

Well, go browse around! Check out my list of other Rock Fiction you may have missed. See if any of THEM are on the sale. Maybe it’s Demo Tapes 3 that you’ll get for free…

Go find some new reads while supporting your favorite author.

Hey! What do you mean? *I* am your favorite author.




D-D-Duh Demo Tapes


So you’ve been meaning to pick up the first two Demo Tapes books for your Kindle. But… well, other books have intruded on your search, and it was hard to resist.

I know. I have similar problems. I’m not here to fault you.

Instead, I’m here to tell you that Amazon’s decided to drop the price on Demo Tapes (Year 1) and Demo Tapes (Year 2) to 99c. Each.

Now’s the time. If you have friends who love Rock Fiction, if you have friends who used to watch music videos on MTV, if you have friends who still lust for men with long hair… why not gift ’em a book or two?

Really, guys. It doesn’t get any better than this. And with King Trevor set to be released on April 12, there’s no better time to join the Trevolution.

Is there?

Didn’t think so.


Are you a print lover???

Demo Tapes (Year 1), Demo Tapes (Year 2), AND Demo Tapes (Year 3) are STILL part of Amazon’s 4-for-3 promo. Maybe you’ve seen me Tweet about it. Maybe not.

At any rate, here’s the deal. You can buy all three Demo Tapes short story anthologies and spend MORE time with Trevor, Mitchell, and the gang. $29.97 for all three. AND then you can surf around and find something for FREE. (Sorry, but Trevor’s Song isn’t part of the promo. Bummer, huh?)

Like I said: King Trevor. April 12, 2012.

Join the Trevolution NOW.

(Demo Tapes — Year 1 in print)
(Demo Tapes — Year 2 in print)
(Demo Tapes — Year 3 in print)


Rocktober! Go!


So WHAT if today’s the last day of September. Rocktober begins in less than 24 hours, and I am EXCITED. I’ve got posts scheduled to go here and over at Rocks ‘n Reads.

Come join the fun, will ya? Celebrate the collision of music and books however you see fit. Come on back here or over to the West of Mars Fans page over at Facebook and share what you’re up to. If you’ve got a link, leave it and I’ll add it to this post. No link? Who cares, so long as you’re rockin’ with me!

Oh, and since I’m nice and kind and stuff, check out the price discounts on my books, at Smashwords and Amazon. All month long — just to make sure YOUR Rocktober rocks along with mine.

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Finally in print!


Need yourself some Trevor that you can hold, turn, fondle, and caress? Something more tree-based than a mere computer screen of one sort or another can provide?

You’re in luck.

I’ve FINALLY gotten all the bugs out of The Demo Tapes: Year 3 print version. Right now, it’s only for sale via CreateSpace’s online store, but it should be up at Amazon in a few days. You’ll also be able to order it through B&N, Powells, and any other independent bookstore you may think to order it from.

If you’d like an autographed copy, drop me a note before the end of July. The usual rules will apply: I’ll charge you the full $9.99 plus I think it’s $3 for shipping, unless you want priority, and then it’ll be $6 for the shipping. Uhh… those are US rates only, though. If you’re out of the US, holler and I’ll have my awesome postmaster look it all up for you.

Please note: the end of July! I’d like to get one batch of just enough copies, maybe have one or two others on hand, but since I don’t have to place a bulk order, I’d prefer to just get what I need.

(That said, I still have copies of Year 1 and Year 2 here, along with a TON of Trevor’s Song. Okay, maybe a metric ton. Whatever. More than I’d like.)

Remember: autographed books make great Christmas gifts! Get your shopping done now!