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Everybody and their brother’s writing a book


It wasn’t merely inevitable, it was probably forecast by the people who sit around and forecast this stuff.

Everybody and their brother’s now writing a book.

This isn’t necessarily bad, especially if it means more people find and buy my books or if more of those authors hire me to edit their books (although to be honest, I’m pretty darn backed up right now with the editing work. Go, me! And thanks to all my authors for their patience as I work through the queue to their manuscripts).

But this one? I dunno… maybe there are some books that shouldn’t be brought into the world. Maybe there are some people who shouldn’t try to seek out their fifteen minutes, you know?

Like this guy. He’s famous for punching out the legendary Glenn Danzig, and that’s about it. And now, eight years later, he’s compiling the hate mail he got and is putting it into a book.

Could be interesting, but the blurb from the official Facebook page is … full of grammatical errors. If that’s a sign of things to come, unless I’m about to be hired as the crack editor I am, I’ll pass on this one.

Most likely.

(As always, thanks to the guys at Metal Sucks for turning me on to the truly bizarre)