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Susan Speaks: Ouch


So I’ve been neglecting you guys over here. It’s not personal, believe me.

Last Tuesday, I thought I’d hyper-extended my elbow. No real biggie; I’ve got really loose ligaments (which is why going to the gym is so vital; it’s what holds me together!), but a visit today with the sports med doctor I adore didn’t go so hot.

It’s not a hyper-extension. It’s a mild dislocation, and I’ve been doing it repeatedly since February, when I went out and shoveled all that snow we got here in the Western side of Mars. And… there might be some serious ligament damage after last week’s stunt.

I’m supposed to head out to the Lori Foster weekend tomorrow, but I can’t spend five hours outside of my spiffy new sling. I mean, I CAN. I just got the sling, after all, so it’s not like I haven’t been toughing it out. But it HURTS, guys. It’s not worth the five hour drive and the pain that it’ll bring. Not when the sling helps so nicely…

So that’s the saga. More as I know it, which will be next week, in fact, when they take a better, deeper look inside. It might be a summer of not so many posts around here, but let’s deal with that hurdle when we get to it…