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Smooth as glass… right?


If you have been here a long time, or if you’ve already read Demo Tapes (Year 4), you’ll recognize the excerpt from DT4 that Deena at e-Book Builders was kind enough to post.

It’s one of my favorites, but it may not be safe for work, depending on your workplace’s language policy. Are f-bombs okay?

Ahh, you all need to come work for West of Mars. No language policy. No dress code.

But that’s another plug for another day. Go (re)acquaint yourself with Glass. Pick up a copy of Demo Tapes 4 while you’re at it… or any of the books in the Trevolution that you’ve missed so far.

Go on. It won’t hurt.


Bring it to the Kids!


Here’s a follow-up to a book I’d blogged about over a year ago (see? Publishing DOES work slowly!).

An excerpt to Zakk Wylde’s Bringing Metal to the Children is now available. It’s a Facebook page and you’ll have to like it in order to gain access to the excerpt, but it’s a lot easier than some other sites I’ve been to…

The entire book went on sale April 10 — that’s yesterday! I still think you should save your money for King Trevor tomorrow, but that’s just me…


We Interrupt this Rocktober…


Or maybe we don’t… I’ll let you go read for yourself and decide.

I have neglected to tell you guys about two interviews I’ve given that have been posted over the past couple of days.

First, Cynthia Meyers-Hanson hosted me for some talk about Demo Tapes 3. Stop in and see what I used as an excerpt…

Then, LM Stull asked me some questions about marketing. Oh, stop groaning. Marketing’s too much fun to be a necessary evil.