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Introducing: Vassily Shaikovsky


Cover for Susan Helene Gottfried's book, Saving Sima
Oh, sure. You met Vassily in Populated. And… he was more than a bit of an ass.

So I had to play with him and find out why. After all, so many of my early (and post-release) readers have told me how much they like Meter and that he’s their new book boyfriend, so what’s such an awesome, nerdy dude doing with a brother like Vass?

And then wow, did he steal the show. He must have, because again, early word from my readers is that this book, Saving Sima, is the best of the Tales from the Sheep Farm. So far, anyway.

And now, you can reserve your copy of Saving Sima. It’ll be released on June 18, and of course preorders are only 99c.

Here’s what the story’s actually about:

This fourth installment in the Tales from the Sheep Farm series continues the story of Delia Ford and Meter Shaikovsky. Sort of. You should probably read Populated before this one.

The six Shaikovsky kids made a pact when they were young: If any of them used the code words, the others would come to the rescue, no questions asked.

Vassily, the second eldest, has always felt invisible, the family jerk and foil to his responsible older brother Dimitry, his fiery sister Anna, and the adorable, mischievous triplets. But when Sima calls for a rescue, it’s Vassily who big brother Meter turns to for backup.

The two brothers make an all-night drive to rescue Sima and bring her home, but their problems are only beginning. Sima is a physical and emotional wreck and, inexplicably, chooses Vass, not Meter, as her safe person. And when Vassily loses his home, he and Sima move into Meter and Delia’s small condo as he tries to regroup and figure out what his next move is.

As the four of them navigate the tight quarters and the demands of their close-knit family, and as the housing situation begins to resolve itself, Vassily comes to realize that maybe there’s a better role for him in the family after all.

Sima’s traumas may be triggering to those who’ve been in situations of physical abuse. While most remains off the page, the emotional and mental wounds and scars remain. Readers, take care of yourself if this will be upsetting to you.

So yeah, there’s a lot of Delia, Meter, and Sima in this book, too, but it’s all about Vassily. Don’t worry; Sima gets her own story later on, too.

Reserve your copy now. If you’re looking to reserve a print copy, those aren’t quite up for preorder yet, but keep checking back. They’ll be up before June 18. Sorry, but I can only discount them if you buy them directly from me, and yes, I will have copies as soon as I can!

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