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From a Bully to a Book


It was just a few days ago (okay, a couple weeks now. Whatever) when I posted about Shinedown’s song, Bully.

Now I’ve got MORE Shinedown news (and no, it has nothing to do with my current lust for Brent Smith, which is really odd ’cause he’s not my type, which means it’s all about the lyrics, baby. Maybe I ought to take a page from Ginny and start self-uniting with some of these men. I’m allowed to dream, no?)


Shinedown. Books.

Yeah. That’s the topic of the day.

I pulled this one off Brave Words:

Mashable.com reports that Atlantic Records has taken an uncommon approach to using Apple’s iBooks Author — touted as a creation platform that will “reinvent the textbook” — by building an interactive eBook for SHINEDOWN\\\’ next album, Amaryllis.

The 75-page iPad ebook will be available March 27th, coinciding with the Amaryllis album release. The eBook visually tells the story of the multi-platinum rock band’s new songs, creative process and cover art.

Frontman Brent Smith says the eBook, titled For Your Sake: Inside The Making Of Shinedown’s Amaryllis, revives the complete album experience, which changed when CD booklets and liner notes became less prevalent.

Hmm. Think they’re past the editing stage? If not, if I promise not to self-unite, can I have the gig?