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Gearing up for Rocktober 2015


Yep, it’s that time again. Actually, it’s a little late for me to get started on Rocktober. But here we are. The days are counting down and …

I have space at The Rock of Pages for Rocktober this year. Lots of space.

If you’re an author of Rock Fiction, come on over and write me a guest blog about anything, although we all seem to like the “how I named my rocker” posts.

If you’re a reviewer or reader, I’ll gladly reblog any reviews you’ve written. Send it on in HTML and we’ll get it up.

If you’re not an author, reviewer, or reader but want to do something else, holler. It’s Rocktober, so pretty much anything goes. It’s about what happens when books and music — all music, not just rock and roll — collide, so have at it.

As I try to do every year, let’s have this year’s Rocktober outdo last year’s.


#Rocktober approaches


It seems strange to be here at West of Mars and not be gearing up for Rocktober. And I am, albeit on a smaller scale this year, but over at The Rock of Pages. Jett’s trying to take over some of the load, but she’s been plenty busy this year, too.

Still, not everyone has transitioned over there, and this message will find eyes that may not see The Rock of Pages. So here it is.

If you’re a Rock Fiction author, feel free to stop in with one of the following posts:

An interview

A guest blog about why you Rock Fiction (or anything that ties into Rock Fiction)

A post about someone else’s Rock Fiction that you’d like to read

A review of someone else’s Rock Fiction that you have read.


And if you’re a fan, join in, too! Here’s what I’m looking for:

A post about Rock Fiction that you’d like to read.

A review of someone else’s Rock Fiction that you have read.


But, of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list. If you have ideas that Jett and I haven’t thought of, holler. We’re open to anything. And if you want to join in but not at The Rock of Pages, that’s fine. Send us a link and we’ll get it up.

Rocktober is always fun. Don’t miss out.


Rocktober approaches!


Now that it’s September, it’s time to look even further ahead than I have been lately (thanks to those of you who’ve inquired about editing. It’s nice to see I’ve developed quite a good reputation among you all!).

October will rock this year. October rock will rock so hard, we’re renaming the month Rocktober.

I am looking for folk to join me in celebrating rock and roll on your blogs. Feature a book, or an author. Give books away. Talk about music. I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just want you to rock the whole month long!

The full details are still evolving, but one thing I can promise you: if you post a review about any of my books (or short stories, stand-alones or anthologies) and drop me a line to the url, not only will I post it on the proper review page here on West of Mars, but I’ll also add you to a list of folk who’ll get advance readers copies when the next book is ready. The more reviews you post, the higher up on the list you’ll be. (and yes, you loyal folk are already on it. Or will be as soon as I make it, but I know you need to go up there. Have no fear. I’ll take care of you.)

Review copies will, of course, be e-books, probably a .pdf. Just so you know. File that for future reference.

And holler if you’d like to join Rocktober. I’ll be posting all the links as you guys report ’em, so get busy!