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Susan’s Book Talk: A New Story!


A long time ago, in what feels like a second lifetime, I wrote a bunch of short stories. Like, a ton. And I saved them on my hard drive.

Last summer, after I had to unpublish Mannequin, the girl rehomed that little short story of mine onto Wattpad. And then she took a stroll through my hard drive and my archives. She handed me a bunch of stories to edit and polish up, chose a few to publish immediately, and then… got involved in her own Wattpad activities. (No, you can’t have her names.)

Yesterday, she decided it was time to take one of the stories and get it up on Wattpad. And so New Management is now alive for your reading pleasure.

It’s a story of the Trevolution, and you long-time fans will recognize the characters. Maybe even the situation, although if you need a prompt, here are the two stories this builds on: Twirling and Game On. Neither are in a Demo Tapes collection yet… they’d be in #5, which if you’d like, you should speak up!

So here it is. New Management.


Read an E-Book Week!



It’s Read an E-Book Week! And, as I do every year, to celebrate, I’ve discounted all my books so you’ll be extra tempted to pick them up and join the Trevolution.


My catalog is getting bigger, deeper, even though I’m doing more editing than writing these days.

Trevor's Song jpeg

The best part of this new age of publishing, I think, is that your books can be on sale forever. They never go out of print. And weeks like this are perfect for reminding you of that.


Older, newer, it doesn’t matter. You can pick them all up at Smashwords and whoa, Nelly! Look at that discount!!


Yes, even my newest release, not even six months old yet. Broken, the short story you just gotta read.

So what are you waiting for? Go get some copies and read an e-book this week!


Just a reminder…


I’ve been watching more and more new folk stop by and check me and my fictional friends out lately, so I thought this would be a good time to remind all of you, faithful groupies that you either are or are about to become, that most everything you read here is fiction. Mitchell, Kerri, Trevor, and company exist solely in my head. For better, worse, or a much-needed diagnosis.

Search the archives or the recent links. You’ll find small character sketches, outtakes from novels-in-progress (or even the one I’m shopping to literary agents, Trevor’s Song), and my own musings on what shapes the characters into the people that they are.

My hope is that you’ll come to see them as living, breathing people (as I often do, much to the chagrin of my friends and family). That you’ll use this site to whet your appetite for Trevor’s Song, and that by becoming my groupie, you’ll let these fictional folk touch your lives as they’ve touched mine.

Stay awhile. Enjoy.