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Book Question of the Week: Women Performers


We all knew I had to at some point… since I have a true love for Rock Fiction, I had to go there, and what better time than during International Women’s Month?

This week’s Book Question of the Week (Here or at Facebook) is… women performers.

All sorts of stages and screens are welcome. But so are the performers you may not think about.

We women are often expected to perform. Think Regency period, if you will. The public performance women were supposed to put on. Or in Gone with the Wind, how often Scarlett performed (hello, curtains!). Undercover cops.

We women are always performing. So here’s your chance to highlight your favorite fictional characters who perform. Have fun.


The Book Question of the Week! Women Sleuths


West of Mars

Over at the West of Mars Facebook Page, I’ve started running Book Questions of the Week. I’d love it if you’d drop in and leave some suggestions and links there, but if you’d like to leave ’em here, too, go for it.

After all, one can never have too many suggestions for great books to read.

This week’s theme: Women Sleuths, contemporary age. This is, of course, to celebrate Women’s History Month, and don’t ask how contemporary women sleuths make up Women’s History, except women are making history, maybe. It’s a bit of a stretch, but too bad.

Leave suggestions and/or links here or there. You can suggest your own books, you can suggest a friend’s books, you can suggest a book (or series) you love… it’s all good! And, of course, along with your links, feel free to actually (shocker alert:) talk to each other about your suggestions.

You just might make some new friends.

I love new friends. Especially book friends.

So let’s hear it. Women sleuths, licensed or not. Contemporary age.

Who are your faves?

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