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Susan’s Been Reading!


I’ve been so busy of late with editing, it seems like everything else has fallen by the wayside. But no worries, my friends. In between reading and writing reviews for those nice people who pay me for my thoughts, I’ve spent some time with a varied list of Rock Fiction.

The Girl Band handed me a young adult novel, Dancing Queen. Read the review here.

As I work my way through what’s piled up around here, which is way too much, I took on the challenge of Olivia Cunning and the first in her Sinners on Tour series, Backstage Pass.

Maybe you read about my library quest to discover something I could spend a lazy weekend with. Maya Banks’ Sweet Possession was the winner.

My old college course in satire came in handy when confronted with Rob Reid’s Year Zero. But even if it hadn’t, this still would have been laugh-out-loud funny.

I couldn’t resist more Olivia Cunning. Rock Hard is the follow-up to Backstage Pass.

Joseph Garraty’s Voice was slick enough to warrant a rare five stars from me.


What’s my name again?


I was at the library, working on what will be Demo Tapes 4, and I decided to treat myself. I was going to go find myself a romance. Hopefully, a good, hot one. AND it was going to be a work of Rock Fiction.

How hard can it be? I figured. All those Rock Fiction books have the same sorts of titles. Rock Me. Backstage Pass. Spotlight. (Nevermind the 90% of books that don’t have cliched titles… gimme a break. I was tired.)

But you know what I noticed?

On almost every exposed spine — and there were many — the book’s title was so far down, I couldn’t read it. Maybe I could see part of it, but that was it. Part. There were author’s names and pictures of half-naked men, but titles?

All hidden under those library stickers.

I gave up on romance and wandered into the general collection, where I encountered some books by Maya Banks. I’ve wanted to read Maya’s books for a long time now — since I met her at RT 08, most likely — and a glance at the back cover copy showed me … I’d found it. A romance, hopefully hot, by an author I have been eager to read. Did I mention it’s Rock Fiction?

Slam dunk.

Oh, and the title? That oh-so-rocker-like Sweet Possession.