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Jett Reviews Fast Cars and Rock and Roll



There’s some upheaval with the website right now — stay tuned for more about that — so Jett’s been quiet lately as we figure out the best way to showcase her work … and the entire Rock Fiction genre.

But in the meantime, we don’t want to keep author Michael Kayser waiting to hear what she thought of his book. In a word: fun!

Go read the whole thing for yourself. And pick up a copy (link to GoodReads; pick your retailer from there), if only to see what that last paragraph means. TOTALLY worth it.



Featured New Book: Fast Cars and Rock & Roll by Michael Kayser


My love for Rock Fiction is well documented. That means it ought to go without saying that when Michael Kayser contacted me about his book, Fast Cars and Rock & Roll, I was over the moon.


Michael’s been kind enough to send a review copy out this way, so you’ll hear about Fast Cars and Rock & Roll again.

Today, it’s Michael’s turn to tell us about the book. So… Michael, what song makes you think of your book?

To narrow it down to one song, I have to go back to rock & roll’s infancy, and a song by one of the pioneers: “Maybelline” by Chuck Berry–the original release from Chess records.

Just like the song, central to this storyline is a femme fatale who “done started back doin’ the things (she) used to do.” But our hero is ready to give chase; and nothing or nobody is going to outrun him. The plot drives along to a frantic backbeat and a harmony of roaring engines, likely to offend middle class parents and other responsible citizens.

There’s another link between the book and the song, but I’ll let readers discover that one on their own.

How can you NOT love a book that makes you think of Chuck Berry???

Here’s the summary:

Deke Jones finally has a car ready to compete in the Conquistador—a short but grueling campaign covering racetracks all over the Southwest United States. He can’t wait to challenge the rich boys with their expensive toys, but complications begin stacking up on him before the first flag drops.

First, he is invited to join Stormin’ Norman’s new rock band for a whirlwind tour. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with a musical genius and he can’t let it pass…but it’s scheduled for the very week he needs for last minute wrenching so his car can make the Conquistador’s tech inspection.

Next, he gets tangled up with beautiful bad girl Lena Castillo, just when he was patching things up with a local lady he lost touch with after high school. Lena has a deadly superpower: the ability to turn any man stupid—and Deke Jones is no exception.

Jones also crosses paths with five-time Conquistador champ Bob Tilford, and there’s bad blood between them from the starting gun. It was going to be challenging enough racing against Tilford with his big-time sponsors, high-dollar mechanic and world-class GT car, but Tilford also has tremendous influence over race officials he doesn’t hesitate to use in his grudge against Deke Jones. To keep it all interesting, Deke’s co-driver bails on him at the last minute, with no time to scrounge up a replacement.

Get your motor runnin’. Deke Jones is gonna close this summer out with a bang, one way or another.

Anyone as eager to read this as I am?

Go pick up a copy.

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