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Where’s that Teen Boy and what’s he Reading?


Oy. My child.

Yes, Teen Boy IS really my kid. And yes, he was feeling crummy yesterday, so I let him stay home from school, concerned it was the stomach flu that’s going around (it wasn’t). And yes, every time I walked into the family room, he was sitting with his back to the entertainment cabinet, working on the laptop. Almost every time, I’d look at the screen and … he’d be working on a blog post.

So where is it?

Well… I guess it didn’t get done because those few times I was quiet enough to catch him with a game screen open instead of the blog must have been only the tip of the iceberg.

It must have been good medicine because he was raring to go this morning. I even played the role of the kind mom and drove him to the bus stop with his social studies project.

I’m thinking he owes me. And you guys.

If you miss him, leave a note in the comments. I’ll be sure he sees it.