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Thursday Thirteen #61 — Home on the Range


If you haven’t been here since my return from Yellowstone, let me recap for you:

Thirteen Things from Yellowstone
1. I’ve learned the wisdom of wool socks. I’ve vowed to only wear bamboo and wool socks from now on. We’ll see if I can accomplish this; cotton’s cheaper. But not nearly as nice.2. This guy was on the menu every night we were in the Park. Yum. (Well, okay, it was his farm-raised cousin. But you get the idea.)

3. I survived snowshoeing. This elk didn’t. Or maybe he was there as a trophy for my first snowshoeing experience.

4. This guy — we think — along with a friend welcomed me to my first snowshoeing trip. He and his friend stood forty yards apart… on opposite sides of the trail we were taking, and didn’t leave us a way around him. So the eight or so of us had to thread the bull elks. Who had big antlers that could have hurt us. Badly.

5. I put on four layers of pants and stood outside with a small group — ten or twelve of the twenty-seven of us — and watched this beautiful lady erupt for the last time in 2007.

6. This is her last daylight eruption of 2007.

7. This is her in 2008. She’s aging well, isn’t she?

8. She wasn’t the only thermal feature with things to say.

9. Daisy went off.

10. Riverside went off.

11. Castle went off.

12. Seeing all three of these — and the cross-country ski group got to Lonestar just as it erupted too — was pretty darn special. One of our three guides (who live nearby and do research in the park) said he’s been waiting years to see Castle erupt. I decided it was the Park’s way of thanking us, since we were there as part of a National Parks Conservation Association trip.

13. Yep. Saw wolves. From a distance. A great distance. I bet they knew we were there, only able to see them through our spotting scopes.

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