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Rock Fiction Coveting: The Seaside Series by Rachel Van Dyken


I must truly be coveting these books because I’ve followed more than one buy link to them, at a variety of retailers.

As I type this, you can buy them separately for more money than the box set will cost you. The question then becomes if you want to risk the storage space on your e-reader with three novels and a novella that you may not like. Yeah, I know, delete is an easy key to hit.

If you read these, let me know what you think. And, as always, I’d be glad to link to a review.

The books are The Seaside Series, written by Rachel Van Dyken. They’re tagged New Adult, because that’s the hot new genre of the moment and, of course, rock stars fit into the idea of being twenty-some and free. The first book starts with the main character still in high school, though. Isn’t that more Young Adult?

It’s fine to straddle lines; that’s part of the beauty of self-publishing. That we can straddle them. The question is if it’s deftly done.

The books seem to be about two rockers: Alec and Demetri. They have reasons for being in this small Oregon town, and there are two chicks named Natalee and Alyssa. Two men. Two women. Yeah, sounds about right. Of course, there’s more over the course of the series: love triangles and drug rehab, consequences for choices… it sounds kinda typical. The question becomes if author Van Dyken can pull it off.

I’m curious. Like I said, let me know. I’d be glad to link to your reviews!