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After camping aftermath


Most of you know I’m a Scout leader and that I go with the Troop on camping trips. What you don’t know is that last fall, we organized into a BSA Venturing Crew and I’m the fearless leader. This past weekend was our biggest trip yet, for all that only one third of my Crew came along.

This isn’t to talk about my spectacular dudes, although I could do that for days, but to offer what is ultimately a lame excuse for not posting some Lines of Distinction that are waiting to be posted, or to update what’s arrived here for the Pennwriters Conference baskets, something I also need to do.

I’m exhausted. And, of course, it being Monday, I have a new edit to start. And a kid to pick up from honor society induction practice today.

Have I mentioned I need a nap?

So stay tuned, stay put. All that’s coming, in my usual slow but steady manner. I’m here at my new Varidesk, standing and sitting and plugging along.

Let me tell you, if you’ve got a kid of either gender who is between the ages of 14 and 21, you may want to look into Venturing. In my five years as a registered Scouter, this was truly the best trip I’ve been on.


What Happened Now?


I mentioned before that 2015 has been the year of computer troubles for me again, and … yeah. Nothing’s changed on that front, unless you consider another downward turn to be a change — which I’d rather not do, but let’s be real here. It is.

My work computer blew up. Oh, not literally; that would at least have been fascinating, as my kids and I learned about blast radii and shrapnel scatter and other cool things. (“Look, Mom! Your desk chair is now permanently part of the cathedral ceiling!” or “Why is it that even after you shut your office door, I can still feel the air from the broken windows?” “Because my office door is a screen door, honey.”)

Nope. Nothing that exciting. But I can’t access any of my files (which seem uncorrupted), which means I can’t work. On edits, anyway. Or anything stored on my hard drives.

So… taking care of lots of little stuff and hoping you all hang with me for a few days while I get this mess sorted and hustle to get back on track. Guess I’ll be working through next weekend to make up for not being at my desk today and tomorrow (and hopefully that’s it, but my IT guy will let me know once he works his magic).

Let’s see how much trouble I can get myself into, shall we?