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Teen Girl Rocking Reads: Goddess Girls Book 2: Persephone the Phony by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams


The second book in the Goddess Girls series is about Persephone, goddess of flowers. Persephone’s mom, Demeter, goddess of the harvest, is always telling her to ‘go along to get along,’ and Persephone is feeling like she’s phony; it’s even in her name, PersePHONY. when Persephone meets the ‘bad boy’ of the school, Hades, she finally has someone she can be herself with. One annoying problem. Wait make that two. The first one is her mom. Demeter is extremely overprotective of her only daughter, and won’t let her do anything with the godboys of MOA except be in the same classes with them. The other problem is her friends, Athena, Artemis, and Aphrodite. There are rumors going around about Hades that her friends believe. And they are not good ones. Join Persephone while she tries to determine if the rumors are right, and as she tries to break free of PersePHONY. I like the book because it shows a different version of the Persephone myth where Hades doesn’t kidnap Persephone, but instead she falls in love with him, despite all the bad things being said about him.

If you liked my review, read Goddess Girls: Persephone the Phony.

Persephone the Phony cover