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West of Mars begins to grow!


I think it changed in graduate school, this trend of good things happening in the month of August. My MFA graduation was in August. My firstborn showed up this month.

And now…

I’m pleased to announce that West of Mars is seeing its first expansion. I now have a non-fiction department, headed up by my good friend and even more experienced editor, Mary Sutton.

Sometimes, things come together, the stars align, and this was one of those moments. I had an employee, and then, a job landed in our laps. And voila. Non-fiction department is up and running.

It may take a bit for me to change the website (yeah, see Demo Tapes 4 on this here site? Sheesh.) because I swear, all you fiction writers spend the year working on your manuscripts so you can ship them off to your editor during the summer. I’m swamped. I am loving it.

Stay tuned… there’s more changes coming.

If you’ve got a work of non-fiction, go and contact me directly and I’ll forward it on to Mary. She’s going to be enjoying a degree of autonomy over there in non-fiction land.