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A Rock Fiction Review: Anthony Neil Smith’s The Drummer


Rocktober became rather chaotic there, didn’t it? It was great fun and, to be honest, I’m sorry it’s only a month long — although how I could possibly sustain that pace was beyond me.

So as I was looking through my archives and cleaning stuff up, I realized I’d neglected to tell you about a book I’d read. Anthony Neil Smith wrote a book called The Drummer. It possibly has the worst back cover copy I’ve ever encountered, but the story itself is …

Well, go see for yourself.


Catching up on some Rock Fiction


The book review people haven’t called lately, which has been a good thing. Everyone needs a break now and then, even though I miss the paychecks. (Go buy some of my books and make up for that, will ya?)

One of the best benefits has been that I’ve been able to catch up on the books that have piled up around here. Two of those books (but not all) have been Rock Fiction.


The Road to Fluffer, Dan Schell’s debut novel was a lot of fun. Read my review.

The pseudonymous author Rosemary Martin hit the market in 2005 with It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder. Looks like it’s out of print and only available for Kindle, but … well, see my thoughts on it.