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Read an E-Book Week!



It’s Read an E-Book Week! And, as I do every year, to celebrate, I’ve discounted all my books so you’ll be extra tempted to pick them up and join the Trevolution.


My catalog is getting bigger, deeper, even though I’m doing more editing than writing these days.

Trevor's Song jpeg

The best part of this new age of publishing, I think, is that your books can be on sale forever. They never go out of print. And weeks like this are perfect for reminding you of that.


Older, newer, it doesn’t matter. You can pick them all up at Smashwords and whoa, Nelly! Look at that discount!!


Yes, even my newest release, not even six months old yet. Broken, the short story you just gotta read.

So what are you waiting for? Go get some copies and read an e-book this week!


Susan’s Book Talk: Freshening up the Art


Have you seen it yet?

Probably not, as it’s not quite live at all the various retailers. Start looking, though.

I’m talking about the new cover for Demo Tapes: Year 1. shapeshiftercover_DEMOtape1

Yep, that’s it. Another cover done by the amazing Lakota Phillips, and I don’t know about you guys, but in this cover featuring Little Trevor, I see all the loneliness and isolation he must have felt before he grew up and learned how to take on the world.

Print copies will be coming as soon as I get off my overworked duppa and reformat and upload. Stay tuned.