Featured New Book Spotlight

Notice: Submissions are closed.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your book for our spotlight feature. Due to time constraints, we have closed submissions for now.


Please no organized book tour hosts! Authors only!

Every Monday, I host an author (first-come, first-served*) for the famed one-question interview.

If you’re an author with a book you’re promoting, feel free to drop a POLITE mail to Susan or use the form below to send the required information. It’s perfectly okay if your first contact with me says, “Hi, Susan. I heard about your Featured New Book and here’s my answer to the Famed One-Question Interview.”

You MUST send an e-mail or use the form below. Comments left on another post will be deleted (Why are you stealing someone else’s spotlight, anyway? I’m offering you your own chance to shine!)

* New in 2014: If you want to reserve your date, we now require a $5 fee. This is, of course, waived for existing clients of West of Mars.