Lines of Distinction

Because we at West of Mars believe that promotion should be fast, easy, and engaging, we’re expanding beyond just the Featured New Book Spotlight. Now we’re bringing you Lines of Distinction.

You can submit lines of your own book, your friend’s book, some total stranger’s book. A new book, an old book… it doesn’t matter! If you see something that strikes you and makes you pause, share it here and the promotions team here at West of Mars will post it for you.

Be patient! We’re busy over here and admittedly lousy with responding to e-mails. But we will, and you’ll get the next available date*. Unlike the Featured New Book, Lines of Distinction will run whenever we’ve got an open spot.

Lines you would like to have featured - two options:


There is a ten-line limit per book that you may submit to Lines of Distinction. However, they must be different lines! No overlap, either, please; this isn’t a way to excerpt a chunk of your book for free*. So long as the copyrights on the artwork (and words, of course) are available to be used in this manner, send it.
If you participate in Smashwords’ affiliate program, I’ll use that. People DO use the links!
Example: your website, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, and/or anything else I may have forgotten

* If you want to reserve a specific date for your Lines of Distinction, as with the Featured New Book, we impose a $5 fee.