Editing Services for Authors of Fiction

Welcome to West of Mars, LLC, an author services company.


What the heck does that mean? Well, it means we aim to provide the sort of support and services today’s authors need.


From editing to brainstorming to helping format your book and choose a cover, we are here to be your one-stop support system.


Be sure to check out the perks for existing clients. West of Mars is about building relationships with our clients, so we’ll go the extra mile for you. How many others can say the same?



Susan’s Writing Home

West of Mars is also the online home for Susan’s fiction. The Trevolution encompasses five collections of short stories and two novels that feature bad boy bass player Trevor Effing Wolff and the rest of his fictional band, ShapeShifter. This is where Susan’s love for Rock Fiction shines most brightly.


Susan has also published a number of short stories. Be sure to check those out and pick up both the standalone singles and the anthologies in which they appear. Some of them might even give you a pleasant surprise!


Where’s the Rock Fiction?

Yes, West of Mars used to be the home of Rock Fiction, too. It was so big, and the editing services so popular, that we moved it to its very own home. You can visit with Susan and Jett over at The Rock of Pages.