Editing Services for Authors of Fiction

Welcome to West of Mars, LLC, an author services company.

What the heck does that mean? Well, it means we aim to provide the sort of support and services today’s authors need. From editing to brainstorming to helping format your book and choose a cover, we are here to be your one-stop support system.

Are you ready to produce the best book possible?

Contact Susan!


Let Susan (and, when necessary, her crew of carefully selected subcontractors) help you produce the best book possible. From deep content editing to a light proofread, West of Mars will take care of you.

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Susan's Writing

Although primarily an editor these days, Susan still puts her BA and MFA in Creative Writing to its original purpose. Come explore her fictional worlds and words.

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Author Promotions

Promote your book at West of Mars, with two fun features designed to be quick and easy. First-come, first served, so get yours in today!


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Susan Speaks: More Interviews!

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Featured New Book Spotlight

Featured New Book Spotlight

Let’s welcome author Toi Thomas to West of Mars! Toi stopped in last week to see what song made her friend Alex think of his book and decided to hang around and step into the spotlight, herself. Brave woman! Let’s get right to it: Toi, what song makes you think of your book? When I wrote the story, Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel, that of a gray man and his search for a purpose and transformation; romance was the last thing on my mind. During the developmental stage, I realized that… Read More »

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Lines of Distinction

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