Apr 232014

Just a tee-heeĀ  moment.

As I’m working on the new look for West of Mars, I’m doing some surfing and checking outĀ  my own books at the various retailers. I was in the Kobo store when I noticed that Trevor’s Song is listed as both fiction and non-fiction, at least in terms of in-store rankings (and that it’s ranked higher in non-fiction).

It’s a flattering thing, really, that people think Trevor Wolff is a real character. After all, as a writer, that’s my aim: to create characters who live and breathe.

Somehow, though, I never meant it to be taken quite like this.


Apr 212014
Featured New Book: Soldier in her Lap by Haley Whitehall

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Apr 172014

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Apr 142014
Featured New Book: Blood and Iron by Jon Sprunk

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