Fiction Outtake: Daniel’s Shoulder (part 1)


The Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is sore/soar. I was going to play with Eric, whose guitar is often said to soar above the rhythm line that Mitchell, Daniel, and Trevor lay down, but I’ve got a massive migraine and this was hanging around, waiting to be shared. Be sure to check back for the second part.

It was the look on Daniel‘s face that froze Mitchell, mid-stride. He knew that look on his drummer’s face, the left eye slitted, the left side of the mouth poured open so that half the guy’s teeth were showing. Even though he didn’t have first-hand knowledge of the shoulder pulled to the ear or the hand gently rubbing it, Mitchell knew the pain.

“Need me to call Lyric?”

“Yeah, would you?” Daniel tried to relax his shoulder. And his face. The shoulder went back into place more easily.

Mitchell paused, finally grabbing a chair and turning it backwards so he could lean into it when he sat.

“Can we talk later and you call her now?” Daniel asked. He grimaced and rubbed his shoulder again.

“I’m not the one paying her.”

“Oh.” The drummer thought a minute. “What’s her usual rate?”

“Airfare, hotel room, and a thirty-buck per diem.”

“Thirty bucks!”

Mitchell shrugged. “She’s gotta eat.”

Daniel winced again and dug harder at that sore left shoulder. “Okay, fine. Whatever.”

With a nod, Mitchell stood up and went to place the call.

Okay, so you’ve got to read the next part, which reveals the punchline. Go here for it. You can leave comments here or there. Or both. I love comments.



  1. Granny Smith

    May 16, 2008 7:25 pm

    I hope your migraine is better – and that Daniel’s shoulder is less sore after Lyric’s massage. How do I find part 2?

  2. Thomma Lyn

    May 16, 2008 8:56 pm

    Enjoyed your outtake, as always, and take care… I hope that migraine goes away soon!

  3. gautami tripathy

    May 16, 2008 11:06 pm

    Rubbing ecalyptus oil helps. My mom swears by it.BR/BR/And is lyric any good at it?BR/BR/BTW, I have got your other site too on my google reader! I love it! BR/BR/:D

  4. bunnygirl

    May 17, 2008 12:04 am

    I know how the poor guy feels. Maybe that’s what I need– a really good massage.

  5. Ann

    May 17, 2008 12:39 am

    Ouch. Hope you and Daniel both feel better soon. I’m off on vacation for a week (going home to see the family), can I bring you back anything from the mountains?

  6. anthonynorth

    May 17, 2008 5:44 am

    Migraines are terrible things. My wife used to suffer them a lot. Strangely, she hardly got them again after she was first pregnant.BR/ Don’t ask me to work that one out.

  7. Wylie Kinson

    May 17, 2008 2:44 pm

    Yikes – migrains are horrible. No, make that HORRORABLE. Hope it’s quickly over.BR/BR/I like your take on sore! Lyric to the rescue 🙂

  8. Darla

    May 17, 2008 2:49 pm

    {{{Hugs}}} Sorry about the migraine. I can’t believe you’re blogging with a migraine. I can’t even Iread/I with one, much less write. Feel better soon.BR/BR/Maybe you need Lyric more than Daniel does. 🙂


    May 19, 2008 4:08 pm

    Hehe, yep the part 2 makes much more sense now! 🙂

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