And we’re back. Miss me?


Whoa. THAT turned into a saga, one that never should have happened.

Know how sometimes, you make what you think is a good decision, but it comes back to bite you? Hard? Like, broken bones hard? And that it wouldn’t have if you’d known to ask the Very Good Questions your business coach told you to, except you never even knew the #1 question to ask involved stuff you’d never heard of, never even imagined was technically possible?

Yeah. Like that.

So… the past is over and done with and I’m setting my sights on bigger and better. I’ve got a couple of Featured New Book Spotlights to post, and even a Line of Distinction or two.

One note: You may catch typos in the form of strange characters on some of the pages and maybe even in the archives. If you’d take a second and let me know what you find, I’d deeply appreciate it. Things didn’t go smoothly… oh, the odd benefits of eight years of archives.


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