Friday Fiction is absent again…


Honestly? I am so busy with editing that I haven’t been doing much writing. I miss it terribly, but by the lack of demand from you guys, I’m wondering if my little endeavor, started over six years ago, has lost some of its charm now that everyone and their sister is posting fiction online.

You tell me.

Maybe you want more Chelle, more Roadie Poet. More of the non-Trevor characters. Or maybe you miss Trevor. You tell me.

I’m also not reading terribly much, as that place who pays me to write reviews keeps assigning me stuff to read. Pesky people; don’t they know there’s a whole world of Rock Fiction I need to continue exploring? Sheesh. You’d think if they are paying me, they’d be more accommodating to my schedule. No?

(Yeah, okay. Truth is I’m extremely grateful for them and their books and their payments and the challenge of writing a 400-page book review. There’s a true art to writing a review that’s so short, and I love that I get to practice it so much.)

It’s all about balance, and right now, balance is hard to find. Balance between writing, editing, reading, and taking care of the house and the kids. And cats; I picked up another foster duo yesterday (who brought some little pesky friends with them from the feral colony they were born into. How long before the Frontline takes care of it?). It’s summer, so the kids are home. My work schedule has changed.

And I love it. I really do.

Every day is different, every day a challenge.

So if I’m slow getting back to you about an e-mail, if you’re waiting on an editing sample, if you want anything from me and I’m slow… well, you know what’s goin going on. It’s nowhere near as easy as I made it seem a couple of years ago.

But that’s okay. It’s exactly what it should be.


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