Gone Fishing? Gone VISITING!


Yep, I’ve been out and about of late — again. It’s becoming a constant thing, so come join me and meet some new bloggers and readers, whydon’tcha? It’s a big world. Come play in it.

Demo Tapes 3 has been featured over at i write indie books. There may not be anything you haven’t already seen about DT3, but stop in and check out the site anyway. Authors, drop a line and get your book featured! Readers, look for other great reads. (And buy a copy of DT3 for a Christmas present for a friend, whydon’tcha?)

And then you can read a guest blog post I did with the fabulous (and I’m not just saying that) Jason McIntyre over at The Farthest Reaches. Jason’s one of those fabulous writers I mention here from time to time, and he’s a cool dude.

Have I mentioned I love the name Jason? I’ll have to create a fictional Jason in tribute…


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  1. Alice Audrey

    November 17, 2011 3:13 pm

    I always think “Argonauts” when I hear “Jason.”

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