London, Here I Come?


I’ve always wanted to go to London. Now I’m positively drooling at the idea — and travelling to Bedford. Wherever Bedford, England is.

That’s because I’m being enticed by a photo exhibit, Slipknot. Yep, as in the band. The masks, the brutality, the whole thing. It’ll be held at Rock City Art, a gallery that looks like it does some pretty cool exhibits. Maybe I’ll need to road trip there often. Regularly, even.

Only 40 pictures are part of the exhibit (ONLY 40. Listen to me, greedy wench that I am), and there’s no good preview online. Bummer.

Think I could write off my travel costs as a business expense? Or should I hope and pray the nearby Warhol Museum will be able to bring something like this across the pond? Yup. Just for me.


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