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Click around.


Yes, the awesome folk at Thought Space Designs have given West of Mars a new look — and some streamlined navigation, as well. All new, built from the ground-up, this was the facelift a small business needs. It may have been official last year that West of Mars is a business, not one woman struggling to survive, but now… well, here’s the visuals to make sure that once you stop in, you’ll stay. Or maybe just keep coming back. Both are good.


If you’re one of those types who likes to click around and look for broken links and such, send me that feedback. My cool, amazing, mind-blowing clients have me swamped for the moment again, and well… I was never one to go bug hunting. Typos, yes. Broken links, no.


And, of course, if you like what you see, go hire Jareth and Rachel to give your blog a makeover. You’ll be glad you did.




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