Musical Hanukkah Celebration Flashback #2


Yep, that was year one I linked to the other day. One lowly post.

Not so for the second year of the Musical Hanukkah Celebration! I introduced a new character, Springer, and shared more of the inner workings from the band with you.

If you can find something that ushered in 2007 Hanukkah Celebration before this post did, show me the link and I’ll stand (very publicly) corrected. In the meantime, since I believe this is the first post from the 2007 Celebration, I’ll share it with you today.

This is the post that saw Springer come into the world. Thirty Bucks, I called it.

(reminder! At least 50% of all royalties I earn in November and December will go toward charity. The good news is that if you buy before November, you’ll help bump that percentage up anyway!)

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