Musical Hanukkah Flashback #10


As I’m editing The Demo Tapes: Year 3, I’m noticing that I spent a nice chunk of the year looking at the band from the outside, instead of from the inside, like I usually do.

Musical Hanukkah Flashback #10 proves that to you: it’s written from the point of view of a new character, a guy I was dared to create. Best of all, he’s got a history with the band — and they don’t know it.

I titled this one Other Side of the Curtain. I meant it in both a physical sense, as that’s where Penis is standing when the story opens. But it’s also a metaphor: he’s outside the band, looking in.

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And if you’d like to start at the beginning and read the flashbacks in order, here’s the link to the first one. If you’re looking for the next, use this link.


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