Musical Hanukkah Flashback #12


Now, because the Musical Hanukkah Celebration is supposed to be a concert, it’s hard to write. Every retelling of a show I’ve ever seen is… well, a snoozer. Which is, of course, the LAST thing a rock concert ought to be.

The morning after, though. That’s another story. I’m not quite sure where Mitchell is waking up, but clearly all’s kosher. He’s cranky, though. Beware the dragon with the hangover! (even if it IS warranted…)

And now for the usual reminders… you can track the Musical Hanukkah Flashbacks from the beginning via this link. Jump ahead to the next via this one. And we’re flashing back because this year’s Musical Hanukkah Celebration will involve YOU more than ever. At least 50% of my royalties earned in November and December will be donated to a certain music-in-the-schools charity. Check out the contests page for full details.


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